Powell: More Pain Ahead - Will Market Rebound or Test a New Low?

US stocks experienced a roller coaster after the 75 bps resolution. The newly released dot plot increased the fund rate estimates to 4.5% in 2022. Do you think the market will rebound? Or the pessimistic expectations will open another down trend?

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09-25 21:10
Like pls
09-25 16:02
What ever come down will go up. Be patient. Consider EV stock of long term. 
09-25 14:33
$Tesla Motors(TSLA)$ I am looking at a relief rally. Good time to buy
09-25 12:07
$Nasdaq100 Bear 3X ETF(SQQQ)$  In my opinion we have reached bottom and willrebound soon
09-25 08:48
DCA on etf and great companies 
09-25 08:33
Fed's dot plot signals policy rate topping 4% in 2022, peaking in 2023In a looming battle against persistently high inflation, most of the top Federal Reserve officials expect the central bank's benchmark lending rate to top 4% by the end of 2022. From there, monetary policymakers expect further hikes in 2023 before projecting cuts in 2024 and beyond.Those predictions came according to the central bank's so-called dot plot, a closely watched summary of expectations for the future outlined by 19 members of the Fed's Federal Open Market Committee.For 2023, the majority of officials (12) now see the key rate reaching a level between 4.50% and 5%, while the most dovish prediction comes from one member expecting rates to top out at 3.75%-4%. In the following year, the dot plot shows a wide dispersion of rate forecasts ranging from 2.75% to 4.75%. The Fed's June estimate, by comparison, revealed most policymakers then believedV the fed funds rate will reach at least 3.25% by year-end, followed by more rate hikes in 2023 and cuts in 2024.Looking at the real economy, the Fed has cut its economic prediction for 2022 through 2024 as it seeks to bring demand and supply back into better balance. Inflation-adjusted gross domestic product in 2023 is now anticipated to be 0.2% compared with the 1.7% predicted in June.Looking to next year, GDP in 2023 is now forecast to be 1.2% vs. the 1.7% projected in June. For 2024, economic output is now targeted at 1.7% vs. the 1.9% estimate issued in June.The Fed, meanwhile, targeted the 2022 unemployment rate to be 3.8%, slightly surpassing June's forecast of 3.7%. That rate is expected to rise to 4.4% in 2023 and stay there in 2024, exceeding the previous projections.Turning to inflation, the Fed sees the PCE inflation gauge coming at 5.4% in 2022, up from the 5.2% estimate issued in June. 2023's headline inflation will then decelerate to 2.8% vs. 2.6% in June's prediction. 2024 PCE to be 2.3% vs. the 2.2% projected in June's estimate.@TigerStars @CaptainTiger 
09-25 08:12
Powell should get multiple vaccine Japs to get enough antibody against infections. 
09-25 07:32
I believed most of us here are already in the market. Although I still believe that whatever goes down will come up, my mood still joins in a roller coaster ride with the indices. Even with bullets, I also don't dare to any how shoot. As a small retail investor, I cannot do anything except to pray that Powell will says something positive to lift the mood. [Bless] [Call] [Call] [Call] 
09-25 03:50
Time to buy 
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09-24 23:11

US Market| Thoughts on US Stock Market

Hello everyone! Today I will share some news about US stock market with you.Dow Update. Closes just below the June lows after hitting the 29265 level with conviction in the selling, So no real double bottom, just downward momentum. Uncertainty for Inflation and a Hawkish FED A 4.5% Fed ūü§Ē rate being priced in.Follow me to learn more about analysis!!$DJIA(.DJI)$  $S&P 500(.SPX)$  $NASDAQ(.IXIC)$
US Market| Thoughts on US Stock Market
09-24 22:43
Recession seems likely 
09-24 22:41
Fed needs to follow the path of higher intt.  rates whether they will have the intended effect is a different matter and recession seems likely
09-24 22:14
[Sad] [Cry] [Smug] 
09-24 20:04
If I have $30000 I will sell call at 365 for 25 months then buy 100 spy And wait  Almost 20% for 25 months return 
09-24 19:25
US stocks S&P p/e is around 18, still higher history average lever, more room to drop. 
09-24 12:08
Fed run out of ideas.... 
09-24 10:50
Trying to pick the turning piont is probably wishful thinking. However, I am in the belief we must be closer to the bottom than the top given how far back the market has come. I would be surprised if in 3 months time we are below where we are today. The question to answer is where the low piont sits I guess.
09-24 10:28

Investing in the shadow of the Fed by z

We are all living and investing in the shadow of the US Federal Reserve, whose chairman is focused on defeating inflation. including our own Straits Times Index.The STI fell fell by 67 points to 3,231 during the week of Sept 19-23. Although the decline was modest, and the index is hovering a little below the 50- and 200-day moving averages at 3,233 and 3,244 respectively, a rebound would be tough at this point. Resistance has been established at 3,300, and psychological support is at 3,200 for now.The saving grace is the directional movement indicators, which are pointing to a period of low volatility. ADX, which is currently at 13, is likely to fall further. The lower the level of ADX the less the market trends strongly. The DIs are neutral but appear poised to turn negative. Hence, even if prices fall, the decline is likely to be gradual rather than sharp.Quarterly momentum has turned down; short-term RSI has fallen below its equilibrium line. All these could add some downward pressure to the STI.In the meantime, the yield on 10-year US treasuries at 3.73%, is at the highest level since the global financial crisis. In addition, its ADX is rising, and its DIs are positively placed, indicating higher levels ahead.On the other hand, the yield on the 2-year US treasuries is at 4.19%. This so-called inverted yield curve has persisted for some months, which economists believe is an ominous sign.Investors should perhaps keep their powder dry for when these yields peak and turn down - which may not materialise for another 2-3 months.Alternatively, investors looking for short-term yield plays could opt for the Monetary Authority of Singapore‚Äôs (MAS) 6-month T-bills which were last issued at 3.32% on Sept 20 this year. The next auction is on Sept 29.@TigerStars @MillionaireTiger @CaptainTiger @Daily_Discussion 
Investing in the shadow of the Fed by z
09-24 08:05
How much lower?