Share your favourite CNY snacks/drinks

Take a picture of your favourite snack and/or drink, tell us what you call them at your home or any interesting stories that have happened and post them on the topic page!! 🎁Event Prizes All valid posts will receive 88 Tiger Coins, wishing you all a huat huat year!!! ⏰ Event Duration 21st January 2023 - 3rd February 2023

 Peanut cookies My favourite snack
Hong Mei Ren. Very nice.
Self baking pineapple tart
Yummylicious... Happy CNY...
I like CNY snacks, especially Pineapple tart 🤩
Snacks: Tangyuan (sweet glutinous rice balls) Nian gao (sticky rice cake) Jiaozi (dumplings) Mooncakes Peanut candy Drinks: Kumquat tea Chinese tea Chinese New Year alcohol like Baijiu (a strong liquor made from fermented grains)
Favourite CNY Snacks drinks 
Taking my family to Chinatown for yum Cha is a family favorite on CNY
Havent tried these snacks but i guess they taste good judge by the look.
Self bake pineapple tarts[Cool] [Cool] 
Pokka jasmine tea, peanuts🤣🤣
I love to eat Pineapple tart 😋 
I love to eat pineapple tart and the bakkwa 
home made pineapple tarts are my favourite CNY snack
I love snacks yu seng General knowledge 
My favourite CNY snack would have to be the pineapple tarts!
Peanut cookies are a must have in my family! All kinds of cooking with nuts in them (be it almond, cashew or peanuts) are all just called peanut cookies to us. 
Got to be pine apple tarts with milo  What are some of your fav cny snacks ?
Favourite drink for CNY is Coke light. Love all CNY snacks!