What's your story with football?

Are you a football fan? What's your story with football? Share to win Tiger coins, stock vouchers and football ticket!

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Grew up watching football. The 4 years wait is finally here Ole ole ole
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Football fan. Introduced to this by my uncle who was a England and Man Utd fan. Ever since then been watching almost every week of my life. 
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[爱心] ‌ I have never score a goal in a actual football match. I am the goalkeeper‌[爱心] 
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💚💚💚When I was young, I can't watch my favourite drama whenever there is a ⚽️⚽️⚽️ football match because my father love to watch. Now I learn to love ⚽️⚽️⚽️ football because my son love to watch💚💚💚
Football is an exciting and popular sport that captures the hearts of many around the world. Strangers, friends and families bond over a game of football and many aspire to be like the football players that they see playing in football matches. Looking forward to a good 2022 World Cup Season.
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I bought Singapore vs Japan  Put 5000 earn $50 it was an exhibition match  Go go go japan 
With the World Cup under way in Qatar, there is plenty at stake for the 32 countries contesting for the top prize in international football. It is not just glory and fame at stake for the managers, coaches and players. Believe it or not, the teams would also be fighting for their nations’ stock markets and economy. The euphoria from winning or losing the World Cup seemingly extends to the stock market performance of the countries involved. The stakes are high. On average, research has found, after a country’s loss in the World Cup, its stock market performance will produce significantly below-average returns the next day. However, the research did not find a correspondingly positive effect for the stock markets of countries whose teams won. There is a common saying in football that nobody remembers the losing team in a final. And, based on a study, there is more at stake than just bad memories for the losers. Coming in second globally is not a shabby effort by any means, but countries

World Cup| Which stock will be the dark horse like Saudi Arabia?

The World Cup kicked off at the Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar, where Qatar lost 2-0 against Ecuador in the first game, breaking the "unbeaten history of the host country in the first game". The ending was so unexpected that the prince contributed classic memes.Although Qatar's team is not strong, its ability to make a lot of things with World Cup groups, such as Iran VS USA, Wales VS England, Ghana VS Uruguay, Portugal VS South Korea. Many fans are bitter about the 2002 South Korean World Cup black whistle, so they can have a grudge.In this World Cup, it is not just wealthy Qatari who are heartbroken.Lionel Messi started Argentina's match against Saudi Arabia on November 22. It was supposed to be a sure win for Argentina. After 10000 simulations of the results, the Minsheng Securities Mou Yiling strategy team finally predicted that Argentina was expected to win the World Cup again since 1986, while Brazil would break into the semi-finals again!However, the game was the biggest ups
World Cup| Which stock will be the dark horse like Saudi Arabia?

With the Opening of FIFA World Cup, These US Listed Companies may Benefit!

The 2022 FIFA World Cup kicked off in Qatar and has also become the focus of the world in recent weeks.If you are interested, you may take look at these:FIFA World Cup: Beer Sales Banned at Qatar Stadiums, Who will Benefit?Manchester United Expects to Sell for £6 billion, Ronaldo's to Leave ImmediatelyFIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™: Most Expensive World Cup EverAccording to netizen predictions, the winning percentages of the final favorites are 61.3% for Brazil and 38.7% for Belgium.There are billions of people watching the 2022 World Cup, while the last World Cup final attracted more than 1.1 billion viewers, five times more than the 2022 Super Bowl.With more than 1 million visitors expected, the event will accelerate growth in diverse sectors such as travel and tourism, hospital
With the Opening of FIFA World Cup, These US Listed Companies may Benefit!

My World Cup Experience

I started watching football as a kid and have vivid memories of the 2002 World Cup, which was the first World Cup I ever watched. Since then, I have religiously been following every tournament, embracing the wonderful atmosphere as fans from around the world gather to watch their countries compete in the greatest sporting event known to mankind. What draws me to this fantastic experience is the power of football to unite fans from every corner of the world to put their differences aside for ninety minutes to fitness football’s sporting marvel. Being a huge fan of the World Cup and a passionate investor myself, here are some lessons I feel investors can learn from the sport. 1.     Just like a World Cup match, investments can go either way One factor that makes the World Cup so exhilarating to watch is the unpredictability of the tournament. Throughout the years, we have seen underdogs defying the odds to emerge victorious in matches when nobody thought that the
My World Cup Experience

FIFA World Cup: Beer Sales Banned at Qatar Stadiums, Who will Benefit?

World Cup, for fans, it's a global carnival party! However, the best combination of "football" and "beer", was banned by the host Qatar.  Just 2 days before the opening ceremony, FIFA issued a ban to cancel all beer selling points around the stadium.With this move, not only World Cup beer sponsor, Budweiser($Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA(BUD)$) has been taken advantage of, and fans are even more confused. Many netizens commented that this is the most calmest and sober World Cup!Budweiser sponsored the World Cup with $75 million. However, Qatar banned selling alcohol around stadium!Presumably, everyone already knows that Qatar is an authentic Arab country, and "rich" and "taboo" are synonymous with it. Alcohol is strictly controlled here, and it is illegal for passengers to bring alcoholic beverages into the country and to drink in public.Before hosting, Qatar promised that beer can b
FIFA World Cup: Beer Sales Banned at Qatar Stadiums, Who will Benefit?
This year World Cup reminded me of what happened in 2018. A game between Germany and Brazil.  I was attending a training in Germany where I was sandwiched between a German guy on my left and a Brazil guy on my right. At the start of the training, there is no happening as the games are still on going. Then on a fateful Wed or Thursday night where Germany was against Brazil and we decided to go to a pub for dinner plus watching football at the same time. Can you imagine you have2 teams in the group and it is the best time to play neutral. 😇🙂😅... End of the game, the Brazil guy was so happy that while we were walking towards his car (we hada 10mins walk after dinner) he was singing away and admiring how lovely the night was. 🙄🤨🧐😬 there is nothing unusual on that night up in the skyline except his happy mood.  Next day, Brazil guy can't content his happiness whereas the German guy didn't appear in the morning session. Must be drowning himself in tons of beer. When he appea
Football is sound, so anything can happen