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ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood on Tesla: $2000 in five years! $Tesla Motors(TSLA)$
[Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev on new credit card: The idea is to add more things to Robinhood Gold] Robinhood co-founder and CEO Vlad Tenev joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the company's new credit card, what he hopes to achieve with the new offering, the company's stock performance, and more. $Robinhood(HOOD)$
[Microsoft is having its iPhone moment around AI, says Dan Ives] Dan Ives, Managing Director of Equity Research at Wedbush, discusses his recent price target hike for Microsoft. $Microsoft(MSFT)$
[Bitcoin's Upcoming Halving: What to Expect] Strike CEO Jack Mallers discusses what to expect from Bitcoin as it approaches its highly-anticipated halving event, which will lower the supply of newly minted Bitcoin from miners. $Coinbase Global, Inc.(COIN)$
[Retail under pressure: Lululemon and Nike shares sink] The Investment Committee debate how to trade the retail sector. $Lululemon Athletica(LULU)$ $Nike(NKE)$
[DOJ’s Apple suit not a reason to sell, says Satori Fund's Dan Niles] Dan Niles, Satori Fund, joins 'Fast Money' to share his take on the DOJ's antitrust lawsuit against Apple and why he says it's no reason to dump the stock. $Apple(AAPL)$
[Reddit CEO Steve Huffman on IPO debut: The best investors of Reddit are people who use Reddit] CNBC’s Julia Boorstin and Reddit CEO Steve Huffman join 'Squawk on the Street' to discuss the company's public debut at the New York Stock Exchange, the company's profitability outlook, advertising strategy, emerging revenue streams, and more. $Reddit(RDDT)$
[The Fed's balancing act has to continue, says Ritholtz's Josh Brown] Ritholtz’s Josh Brown and SoFi’s Liz Young, join 'Closing Bell' to discuss Fed Chair Powell's remarks and the market reaction to the Fed leaving rates unchanged. $S&P 500(.SPX)$
[Micron Technology Jumps After AI Growth Helps Bolster Forecast] Micron Technology Inc. shares soared in late trading. The largest US maker of computer memory chips gave a surprisingly strong revenue forecast amid demand for AI hardware. $Micron Technology(MU)$
[Apple and Google in AI deal talks] Apple is in discussions with Google about integrating Google’s Gemini AI engine into the iPhone, which has the potential to bring about a groundbreaking agreement in the AI industry. $Apple(AAPL)$ $Alphabet(GOOGL)$
[Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang goes one-on-one with Jim Cramer] Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang sits down with 'Mad Money' host Jim Cramer to discuss Nvidia's Blackwell announcement, its role in the AI boom, potential stock split and more. $NVIDIA Corp(NVDA)$
[Nvidia Reveals Project GR00T and Disney Robots at GTC Conference] One of the highlights was the demonstration of NVIDIA's advancements in robotics and AI, including the transformative role of AI in robotics, the impact of generative AI in robotics, and innovations in robot-human collaboration. $NVIDIA Corp(NVDA)$
[Tesla's next vehicle will be the growth catalyst for the company, says RBC's Tom Narayan] Tom Narayan, RBC Capital global autos analyst, joins 'Squawk on the Street' to discuss why things will turnaround for Tesla, what investors are missing in Tesla's story, and what will keep the stock where it's at until its next vehicle launch. $Tesla Motors(TSLA)$
[Bitcoin has 'all the great attributes & none of the defects' of gold: MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor] Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy executive chairman, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the latest bitcoin rally, impact of spot bitcoin ETFs on his company, why bitcoin should be considered 'digital property', growth outlook, and more. $MicroStrategy(MSTR)$
[TikTok ban a 'measurable opportunity for Meta,' says Deepwater's Gene Munster] Gene Munster, Deepwater Asset Management, joins 'Fast Money' to discuss the repercussions and opportunities of a TikTok ban in the U.S. $Meta Platforms, Inc.(META)$
[How Temu’s Explosive Growth Is Disrupting American E-Commerce] Temu, a Chinese-founded e-commerce company, became the most-downloaded app in the U.S. in just over a year. WSJ breaks down how its continued growth could redefine online retail, just like Amazon’s speedy delivery did. $PDD Holdings Inc(PDD)$
[Former President Donald Trump: China is, right now, our boss] Former President Donald Trump and former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton join 'Squawk Box' to discuss the state of the economy, his vision for the country, fate of entitlements and cutting federal spending, bitcoin and crypto regulation, competition against China, U.S. trade policy and power of tariffs, and much more. $S&P 500(.SPX)$
[AMD CEO Lisa Su: Everyone will want an AI PC as the technology progresses] Lisa Su, AMD CEO, joins 'Closing Bell Overtime' to talk its AI PC strategy, quarterly results, demand for AI products and more. $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD)$
[Aswath Damodaran bought Tesla at around $180] Aswath Damodaran has said in the past that he uses no margin of safety and is willing to buy at and below intrinsic value. Do you all think Tesla is a good buy at this price? $Tesla Motors(TSLA)$
[Markets will continue their booming bull market, says Courtney Garcia] Courtney Garcia, Senior Wealth Advisor at Payne Capital Management, discusses the market sell-off this week and if the trend will continue. $S&P 500(.SPX)$

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