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About dam time.  Get those new pc and phone before 9% gst yall. Cybermonday 2023 gonna rip!.. Hopefully 
Why Microsoft, Advanced Micro Devices, and Qualcomm Were Surging Today
$First Republic Bank(FRC)$  why i cant order in tiger?! Why so cui 1? Even moo allows us to buy.  Why deny the opportunity?  @Tiger_SG  @TigerStars  
$DBS GROUP HOLDINGS LTD(D05.SI)$  $Bank of America(BAC)$  $First Republic Bank(FRC)$   Heng ceo got their bonus before the shenanigans of lehman 2.0. Always usa cause cat ass tropy domino effect on financial world. Maybe gold should be global standard instead of usd... So sick of this bankrun and manipulative finance
$SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust(SPY)$ Are we back to 2008? Destruction of silvergate and svb... Holy crap.. Domino all overagain...  *chewing domino pizza aggressively* Ready warchest to start creating shopping list and notification for promo. Sorry i meant target price
Just so u guys who r struggling with ur home loan or simi sai loan.. Part of it goes to the real talent pocket.  Pity powell shushu cant get some of the pie... Oh well *slurping ice kosong while paying 8% gst* 
DBS CEO Gupta’s Total Pay Last Year Rises to $11.4 Million
$CapLand India T(CY6U.SI)$  so much hype of moving world factory to cecaland... Should have pump to MLT for vietnam play.. Haiz 
$LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$  baba post positive earning yet this behkan etf sink lower... All the hedgies are closing their short of china stock isnt it? 
Still in red. Might as well all in ssb, dbs suah
$Daiwa Hse Log Tr(DHLU.SI)$  im hoping the r exodus of japanese mncs from middle kingdom will shift some of their production back home., increasing demand of logistic v warehouse of their tenants even though they have vulnerability of concentrated tenant risk
$CapLand India T(CY6U.SI)$  whats everyone's view of India economy amidist dynamic shift of supply chain of mncs away from middle kingdom? [Observation]  Will the move be promising or just a white elephant project due to murky corruptions? 
$FOOD EMPIRE HOLDINGS LIMITED(F03.SI)$   Better earning outlooks partly due to improved operating profit and one off gain. F the russkie market anyway..  Vietnam & india is teh way! 
Lol $Econ Healthcare(EHG.SI)$  not even mentioned under aged healthcare... Such a loser management that fall for pump n dump "investment" Pathetic stock price while lao wong keep b*tching about upping tax to support the aging population. Jin kor lian..  Danger of having insider having too much stock control to avoid ousting
Singapore Budget 2023: Which Stocks Are Winners?
$Straits Times Index(STI.SI)$ satki budget 2023. 9% gst here we cum Great east coast plan indeed
$SEMBCORP MARINE LTD(S51.SI)$   22mth milestone with submarine. Solid submaine thar haven rise past the 0.2 resistance lvl.  Captain self praise he and his dxo doing a great job keeping the sub alive and refuse to admit their incompetency.  Smh... Where is the good ole munity when you need one?!
$Advanced Micro Devices(AMD)$  hmm Revenue (beat 16%) & non GAAP EPS beat expectations  reduce forecast for next quarter... Big contribution from xilin arm and data center & embidded wing.  Consumer/gaming pc wing reported operation losses. Powell latest hint of softer hike also contribute to this jump Tldr... Still in red... Rate hike still imposed rather than plateau. Macro sentiment might not be well in later part of year
$SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust(SPY)$  How would the market behave? What would mr abalone raise hike too?  Will it be rocketing like this insane counter? $Motorsport Games Inc.(MSGM)$  
$Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$ wah didn't realise tiger is an ADR stock.. Heng i run road... Usd 2cents per share...  Chor lor
$Intel(INTC)$  the worst semi chip stock ever... So much for being legacy brand in that arena.. Getting obsolete like nokia soon...  Smh
$SEMBCORP MARINE LTD(S51.SI)$  come on climb up like our god damned gst! 
$Cepton, Inc.(CPTN)$  bleeding so hard... 

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