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2 Oct 2023: waiting for the shot or just take all the shots

There was a saying that we miss 100 percent of the shots if we don't take the shot. This is true as there is no chance to make money if we don't invest. For people like Warren Buffett, they will patiently wait for the good shot to increase their odds of being right. The question is how urgent are you in wanting to be rich? I believe alot of the people would want to be rich fast. The truth is is there such an opportunity like this? We do read about things like GameStop, amtd making multi folds return within a short period. However, how often is this? How often is this a case of manipulation? We do not really kno w When is the next big wave? Do we know since we are busy with our daily lives? Even if we have the time, do we have the adequate Knowledge to spot the next opportunity? Truth is i
2 Oct 2023: waiting for the shot or just take all the shots
$Huya Inc.(HUYA)$  huya needs the next quarter results to pull it's share price up 
$XIAOMI-W(01810)$ xiaomi coming up with a smart kid watch! Nice with video call and GPS locating functions
Buy Xiaomi phones for better value phones
Apple Identifies Issues Causing Overheating in the iPhone 15

30 SEP 2023: continue to remain on the sideline for US Tech stocks for me

I am not saying that the markets cannot go up. If you look at what happens, Nasdaq 100 futures went back up after dipping below 14700 before staging a comeback to above 15070 this week. But how did it close by the end of the bell on Friday? It ended below 14900 and closed around 14891. The slight gain from the low of the week at 14600 plus to this level does not mean market has found back the confidence. Sentiment wise there is this possibility that it could always break the level of 14600 and then move down further. Let's take a look at core pce which was not over forecasted number. The markets did initially run up as per what was mentioned earlier, having hit above 15k but it subsequently came down within the first 2 hours of trading. In comparison, hang Seng tech index which seems to be
30 SEP 2023: continue to remain on the sideline for US Tech stocks for me
$JD.com(JD)$ jd price structure is weak....
$Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$  will tiger break above 5.8 dollars?
$Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$  happy tgif. Took coffee money profit from my hang Seng tech etf $ISHARESHSTECH(03067)$  time to buy such snacks
$XIAOMI-W(01810)$ i always see people complaining when Xiaomi moves in a smaller magnitude than the broad market. When Xiaomi moves higher as compared to the broader market, people never comment... $FTSE China A50 Index - Sep 2023(CN2309)$ $Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$  $ISHARESHSTECH(03067)$  
$Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$  td Ameritrade can't compete against tiger brokers and that's why they exit the local market for retail investors. Will not be surprised that Philip capital and fundsupermart aka ifast will face such issues going forward $IFAST CORPORATION LTD.(AIY.SI)$ $Charles Schwab(SCHW)$  
$E-mini Nasdaq 100 - main 2312(NQmain)$ $Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$  $Tesla Motors(TSLA)$ $Apple(AAPL)$ staying out of us tech stocks like apple at current moment. Chinese tech stocks look slightly better at their current pricing $XIAOMI-W(01810)$ 
Don't bother about Tesla! It's Xiaomi now $XIAOMI-W(01810)$ 
The News States that JD.com Is Going to Sell Tesla Cars
$XIAOMI-W(01810)$ xiaomi has the smart factories which explain why it can support its full internet of things ecosystem. Everything that you use in terms of electronic devices that can connect to iot can be made and sold by xiaomi $JD.com(JD)$ $Sea Ltd(SE)$ $HAIER SMARTHOME(06690)$  
$ISHARESHSTECH(03067)$  $Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$  $Tencent(00700)$ $XIAOMI-W(01810)$ after selling my hang Seng tech etf at the near term peak one plus to 2 months back, I am reinitiating a position in hang Seng tech etf. Yes I am not the best at picking reversal but at this price, I am comfortable...
$XIAOMI-W(01810)$ tencent broke 300 hkd.. $XIAOMI-W(01810)$ $Tencent(00700)$  Xiaomi is holding which is good in terms of signalling to me
$JD.com(JD)$ jd has no bottom
$Huya Inc.(HUYA)$  huya is at such price that it's only trading less than 0.5x book. It has lots of cash, with share buyback mandate in place..now it is livestreaming hangzhou Asian games and has won approval for one of its gaming titles, there is a chance for it to turn around its business. Yes let's see how it goes
$XIAOMI-W(01810)$ xiaomi just sells all sorts of electronic devices for IOT !
$Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$   I have always made it a habit to visit Xiaomi store since I have a big position in Xiaomi shares. It has always been consistent to see that Xiaomi has a full range of electronic products as part of its internet of things business segment. With this, you will not be surprised when I mentioned that there are air purifiers, mobile phones, robot vacuum cleaners, electronic screw drivers, smartwatch and bands, air fryers, dehumidifier, fan, computer monitor, electronic toothbrush, Xiaomi pad, TV, doorbell video, etc etc. It has clearly developed a full ecosystem where it's existing business model has made the manufacture of any electronic products extremely convenient. The scale of businesses is big too! When people sta

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