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🏆 STI WINNER 2022 for reference ❤️
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This is a good summary, i must learn to do this for my 2023 year end. This year i did not total up my dividend, so i will try next year, thanks for sharing ! 👍🙏//@LJ: @SR050321  here is another post made previously for dividend harvesting, hope this helps
Dividend Harvesting Week 84 Update: $8,400 Allocated, $613.17 In Annual Dividends Yielding 8.25% Across 77 Positions

A well balanced portfolio ⚖️

Although I am not able to post as often recently due to my busy schedule at work, i always monitor my portfolio movement as and when i have little time. Yesterday i added $STARHUB LTD(CC3.SI)$ as a Tiger friend mentioned this company before, added to my watch list, PB too high but yesterday was drop so i decided to try because dividend yield is quite good. It dip because the profit drop alot. I will wait n see if stock goes below $1 to add. Good company should be able to survive. Temasek Holdings is the largest shareholder of StarHub, with a majority stake, followed by Japan's Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT). Biggest Telco : Singtel. Singtel, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd, is by far the largest telco company in Singapore. With over 4.1 million subscribers, it never fails to provide its customers with one of the best mobile and entertainment services since 1995. So now i have $SINGTEL 10(Z77.SI)$ and Starhub stocks. StarHub leapt 38 spots and is ranked 34th on Corporate Knight's Global 100 rankings this year. STARHUB is now the world's most sustainable telecom provider, going by the latest Corporate Knights' Global 100 rankings released on Wednesday (Jan 18) at the World Economic Forum in Davos. I am pleased although Singtel is dip now, myother stocks $OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING CORP(O39.SI)$ did well.  So a balance portfolio is important for me, i will continue to find good co at a bargain, looking to buy back $UNITED OVERSEAS BANK LIMITED(U11.SI)$  Bought $DBS GROUP HOLDINGS LTD(D05.SI)$ at 34.25 pleased it is now 36. I know what's up will come down if down to 32 or 30ican buy again. Invest wisely my friend, wish u the best ❤️ @TigerStars 
A well balanced portfolio ⚖️
@TigerEvents All Tigers who posts above 200 characters will receive 188 Tiger Coins but i saw some long post no coins or only get 50 coins? But u mentioned ALL tigers [Smile]  I of course happy if you can give all of us 188 coins because Tiger coins centre is the reason i check in every day [LOL]  I hope $Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$ continue to flourish and bloom like flower 🌸 and continue to support us as long time users 🥰 I love the most the vouchers, so i will keep my coins to exchange it, there are many ways to collect it daily.  Just click on the bullish or bear sign on eachstock n gives your comment also can get you coins every week if you are selected to betop 3 😍 So most important we also learn to pick the right stock to increase our gain while tiger coins to reduce our cost.  Wonderful way to invest 👍❤️

Thematic Idea : Innovative Fintech companies

$Alibaba(BABA)$ Rating : Strong buy, risk : moderately low. $Visa(V)$ Rating : Buy, risk : moderately low. $UNITED OVERSEAS BANK LIMITED(U11.SI)$ Rating : Buy, Risk : moderately HIGH. The list still go on but i pick the best 3 in my opinion, because i low risk investor, i wantto profit don't want to loss 😂  I agree UOB is high risk at this price, there is room to go up but it seems quite limited, among the 3 banks most volatile seems UOB,been trying to buy back at $29. I still holdingmy $OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING CORP(O39.SI)$ after took profit buy back lower, waiting it to grow again 😁 I missed the boat for BABA, but i agree withabove has started to collecting it, if goes to $60 again i will buy more, 😂  Has watched VISA for a long time, but didn'thit my TP so will start collecting it next week. (Auto-invest plan) Not invesment advice, just sharing my thought of the day. Wish you the best 👍👍👍 @TigerStars 
Thematic Idea : Innovative Fintech companies
i expect more opportunities (uptrend) to come (bullish), buy wisely get ready incase need to DCA. $Alibaba(BABA)$ $Alibaba(09988)$ buy the dip. Dip more add a bit by bit, hopefully all will be well.I feel 2023 is better than 2022, if worse then i can buy more for long term holding. I believe in buying good undervalued companies. I will take it as saving for my old age. I will buy from HK market this year as i havefree commission card but i need to study which one to buy first as starting, i am not familiar. 2021 learned US market 2022 learned SG market 2023 time to learn new market too 😁 HSI pull back should be an opportunity for me 🥰
Wake up in the morning check daily P&L first, then check in to collect coins, settle daily task [LOL]  before 9 am ! 9 am to 12 pm checkanything can buy or sell at SG market then collect warm up coins for likes n comments (higher chance)  Well 12 pm to 1 pm maybe busy for lunch. So 1 pm to 5 pm see market on and off, tag daily discussion if this timing super busy, then can only do night time before bed 😂 So 6pm to 11 pm is family time, dinner, nightwalk on and off of course join whatever event to collect coins 😂 You see every day do this by month end should enough to exchange 1 voucher 😍 That's why i supper in love with $Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$  Right @TigerStars ? Follow me for more ❤️
$Tesla Motors(TSLA)$ rally to $200, coz people forget crisis, life must go on, have money buy EV car and stocks, not enough money buy EV stocks, not enough buy 1 stock buy auto-invest as i am doing it since last week. I can buy more companies at bite sizes, commissions only 1%, forbuying USD 5, commission 5CTS.  FED raised 25 BPS this time is good 👍 waiting to stop n reverse it.  Anyway inflation is still happening... my foods now cost more. So eat less lor, as long as choose healthier choice.  Stay healthy and continue invest is my goal, so uptrend i buy bite sizes, downtrend i buy more then can DCA, but temporary at least try small small first to know which one performs better. Wish you the best my friends ❤️
Come n share yr trading ideas ❤️ i am doing auto invest for $Alibaba(BABA)$ $Tesla Motors(TSLA)$ $Microsoft(MSFT)$ pls wait for me ...  why only i started auto-invest ? Because one of Tiger friend posted the cost is very minimum only and i have stocks that gives me monthly dividend. So it is like making the money work harder, in the long run i can continue receiving dividend while my growth stocks are growing 😁 i am so excited thinking of the future 😂 This morning i was quite sad because i placed GTC order it was filled partially 2x and i was charged 2x due to different dates, so i cancelled the balance unfulfilled order, if everyday filled small portion, i will be charged every day [Surprised] [Spurting]  But i am happy to see DD again. 😂 Happiness is within, you plan your day, always juayou finding new ideas, whatever the outcome do not be discouraged, learn from the past, do not over thinking of the future, may you bring happiness to the world 😍 May our investment blossom!  Invest wisely 😊
@RDPD富爸穷爸:$Alibaba(09988)$ 1)Can Alibaba repeat the feats of GME and BBY?I don't think it's appropriate to compare GME and BBBY to Alibaba. It's like comparing apple to orange.First off, GME and BBBY are 'hype up stocks' simply meant for the purpose of speculative plays. Besides, these businesses are not making money, doesn't have any track records of growing revenue or positive cashflow from their businesses. They attract mainly speculators who want to profit from short term plays. I highly doubt value investors like Charlie Munger or his associates would be keen to have a stake in these businesses.Alibaba on the other hand has real assets and proven track records of revenue growth and it continues to generate positive cashflow. In short, it remains a profitable business and highly undervalue due to CCP's crackdown the past 2 years. To add further, its GMV have increased sustainably over the years to CNY8317 billion (approx USD1226 billion). It's nearest competitor Amazon has a GMV of 600mil base on Year 2021 disclosure. In other words Alibaba GMV is twice that of Amazon 😉. Of course they have different target audiences. Amazon market share is worldwide ex China while Alibaba main business are from the China market.2)Do I look forward to Alibaba's further expansion of repurchase program?Naturally yes. This signals a positive sign the management is portraying to the general public and investors worldwide. However I must add that Alibaba doing share buybacks wasn't something new. If you look at the attachment I shared below, they have in fact increase their share buyback since Mar 2022. Clearly the management understand its business are value more than what the market is offering since last year.3) What's my expectation for Cohen's move?This kind of news are simply noise to me. I pay more attention and place more weight to Alibaba's financial report over such juicy news. Yes, maybe in the short term his publicity helps to move a needle but the market always revert to its mean base on fundamental reasons. Remember, in the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighting machine - Warren BuffettCongratulations, you have found the HAPPYCNY cards. You can leave a message "HAPPYCNY" in the comments section of the post & win 10 Tiger Coins.In addition, the first person to find the HAPPYCNY cards and comment ""HAPPYCNY"" will receive a special gift.​​​Click here to view more details​
@Tiger_chat posted one, didn't get coins 🥹 Is the format must be exactly like your example? I think "Caught up in a down trend" is worse for me because I bought xx at xx. I lost $x and felt so xx when I kept looking at the red numbers. It feels like dictation in school if have to be the same 😂 Well if you want to know, caught up in a downtrend is worse for me because i bought $ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.(ZIM)$ at 80+, i paper lost about USD 200 and i feel so curious when i kept looking at the red numbers. How it can happened? Value trap? Speculation? Investors who bought in the early days at $15-17 cud be just selling cheap because they already get back their capital. I have been buying to DCA last buy was $17,next buy $15 and $13. 😂 The huge mountain has completed, will it start another mountain in future ? keep this photos for future ref. Future PE does not look good, if follow this prediction. I will just waitn see 😊 Pls DYODD, not investment advice 😘 @TigerStars 
My answer is B, the weaker yen has been minimal for broader financial markets. It increases profit the companies bring in from overseas operation. While the other 2 tourist and export are greatly effected by the cheap yen, more tourist can visit Japan, i went there before covid started, more countries can buy japan product too (export) Thank you my friends who tag n share this post with me. 😘
@Tiger_SG:Hi Tigers, Did you manage to catch our annual market outlook event "WWTD 2023" at Visual Arts Centre in Singapore? We hoped you enjoyed the immersive experience store and all our activities that fly you from Singaporeto Japan, Europe, and the US.Well, no worries if you haven't been there. Tiger community will be hosting an online "WWTD 2023" event in the following weeks, and will be publishing 4 articles in total to help you get some insights from professionals on the outlook for these 4 markets! Besides, there will be a quiz about the corresponding market in every article. Tigers who get the right answer for the quiz will stand a chance of winning a set of SUPER Tiger gifts! Fourth Episode: Japan Market Outlook For full report please view here>>[Quiz]Japan has been embracing rising prices and pursuing the yield curve control to keep interest rates low. As a result, the Yen has depreciated sharply. Which sector will least likely benefit from this expectation? A. TourismB. Financial C. Export[How to take part]1. Reply your answer in this article below2. You're welcome to leave anything you'd like to share about your thoughts on the 2023 Japan market[Rewards]1. The first 2 Tigers & the last 2 Tigers who leave the right answer will be given a SUPER Tiger gift!2. Three Tigers whose comments get the most likes will be given a SUPER Tiger gift!3. Three lucky Tigers who leave a comment will be given a SUPER Tiger gift! [Duration]Now - 29 Jan
@Matt Amberson:Tesla (TSLA) Earnings Report Wednesday, January 25th
$Alphabet(GOOGL)$ $$ $Alibaba(BABA)$ time to collect valuable stocks before bull but make sure have the holding power, we can't time the market. I don't think BABA will become a meme stock, as long it has valid business to generate income n profit. It is so much different with meme stock category. However only time can tell if my prediction is right.  Not investment advice pls DYODD ❤️
Guess how many tiger in thus picture thanks. Location MBS 😍
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📣 My friends, pls post on this link to get coins together 🧧🐰 if more than 10,000 Tiger users posted, each of us will get 100 Tiger coins 😊 Huat Huat 🥳 I love 2 CNY blessings: 1. Gong Xi Fa Cai 🧧🧧🧧 Easy but means alot. Means : Wish you enlarge your wealth 💰💰💰 2. Nian Nian You Yu 🐠 from the Lo Hei / Yu Sheng Phrases. Means : Abundance thru out the year 🧧🧧🧧 Lo Hei, in Cantonese literally translates to “tossing up good fortune”, and it refers to the ritual adopted in Singapore that involves a group of people gathered around a massive plate, tossing its contents violently while saying out auspicious phrases before eating it. Ps : btw i only believe good things will happen on me n my family. So even the prediction of the year is not good, I don't believe that 😍 i only will claim n pray on the goodness.  Wish you the best too my friends.  Love you 🥰 
@SGX_Stars:Weekly Winners | Why Did TOP GLOVE Lead The Market?
Sweet Memories of CNY ❤️🧧 This time we are sharing our favourite snacks next time we can share what the best memories during Chinese New Year celebrations. My top 3 snacks for this occasion are pineapple tart, spicy shrimp rolls and bak kwa.  Usually i wud buy Bengawan Solo pineapple tart, this year try another brand. Bee Cheng Hiang already 3rd year buy this brand because convenient, nearest our house n taste is nice too, the famous one at Chinatown is very long queue, the spicy shrimp rolls bought from $SHENG SIONG GROUP LTD(OV8.SI)$  is not bad this year 😁  I like to make my own pineapple tart start from peeling of the pineapple to make the filling, alot of work but can make less sugar, recently i like to make fruit tarts. I will make fruit tarts for CNY 2nd day this year.   Most importantly we enjoy the gathering with families and friends ❤️ Gong Xi Fa Cai 🥳 @TigerEvents 

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