ANSYS, Inc. develops and markets engineering simulation software and services worldwide

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The company I’m going to introduce is$Ansys(ANSS)$ .

It went public in 1996.

[Company Profile]

ANSYS, Inc. develops and markets engineering simulation software and services worldwide. It offers ANSYS Workbench, a framework upon which its multiphysics engineering simulation technologies are built and enables engineers to simulate the interactions between structures, heat transfer, fluids, electronics, and optical elements in a unified engineering simulation environment; high-performance computing product suite; power analysis and optimization software suite that manages the power budget, power delivery integrity, and power-induced noise in an electronic design; and structural analysis product suite that provides simulation tools for product design and optimization.

The company also provides electronics product suite that offers field simulation software for designing electronic and electromechanical products; SCADE product suite, a solution for embedded software simulation, code production, and automated certification; fluids product suite that enables modeling of fluid flow and other related physical phenomena; Ansys Granta products to give access to material intelligence; photonic design and simulation tools; and optical sensor and closed-loop, and real-time simulation, as well as safety-certified embedded software solutions.

In addition, the company provides Discovery product family for use in the simulation of product design; and academic product suite used in research and teaching settings, which allows students to become familiar with its simulation software.

It serves engineers, designers, researchers, and students in the aerospace and defense, automotive transportation and mobility, construction, consumer products, energy, healthcare, high-tech, industrial equipment, materials and chemical processing, and sports industries. The company was founded in 1970 and is headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

[History & Events]

In 1992, SASI acquired Compuflo, which marketed and developed fluid dynamics analysis software.

In 1994, Swanson sold his majority interest in the company to venture capitalist firmTA Associates.Peter Smith was appointed CEO and SASI was renamed after the software, Ansys, the following year.

In 1997, Ansys had grown to $50.5 million in annual revenue.

In 1990, Ansys shifted its business model away from software licenses, and corresponding revenue declined.However, revenue from services increased stronger.

In 2020, Ansys R1 2020 updates Ansys’ simulation process and data management (SPDM), materials information and electromagnetics product offerings.

In 2020, the Ansys Academic Program surpassed one million student downloads.

[Main Business Segments]​

[Net Income & Total Revenue]​​


Dassault Systemes Americas

$Ultra Electronics Holdings Plc.(UEHPF)$




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