Credit Suisse is getting acquired…is it good or bad ?

The Credit Suisse crisis has not been resolved.It has been in the news that $BlackRock(BLK)$ $Bélet. US Blackrock is preparing to make an acquisition proposal to $Credit Suisse Group AG(CS)$ Credit Suisse, looking to defeat UBS, which is supported by the Swiss Central Bank, and annex Credit Suisse. It is reported that BlackRock is evaluating a series of solutions and cooperating with other investors. In the end, BlackRock may only be able to bid for part of Credit Suisse's business.

However, Bloomberg quoted BlackRock as saying that he denied his intention to propose an acquisition of all or part of Credit Suisse's business.

BlackRock has conveyed its acquisition intention to Credit Suisse, and Credit Suisse is conducting in-depth discussions on the full or partial business merger with URG. At this stage, all transactions are not guaranteed to be concluded, and whether in Europe or the United States, it is believed that the merger will attract significant resistance.

Sources said that Larry Fink, the co-founder and CEO of BlackRock, led the merger and acquisition transaction. Bayfin worked in Boston, the first investment banking business of UBS.

BlackRock has always been the largest customer of Credit Suisse Investment Bank, especially the fixed-income trading department. According to the news, if BlackRock acquires Credit Suisse's U.S. business, it will give it the opportunity to take over the real estate business.

Recently, it is rumored that the Swiss central bank and regulatory agency Finma are committed to promoting the merger of Credit Suisse and UBS, in an effort to strengthen the market's confidence in the local banking industry. However, the relevant news failed to stop the stock price of Credit Suisse from falling.

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