Like the saying, there is no Free Food on the table. Likewise, Tiger coins have to be earned by performing the daily tiger tasks etc., My tip is “How much coins you can earn really depends on how much time, effort you want to spend. Also the expertise/skills needed to perform your daily tiger activities, including writing interesting articles and sharing of relevant investment news/tips etc that ultimately attract “like” to get the most deserved coins.” This sounds like a lot of work, but check it out, the TB event organizers have so far been thoughtful enough to launch many events & rewards that almost everyone can participate. As a newbie, I found the tiger coins rewards can be as simple as signing-in daily to complete daily tasks (the easy level) or participating in a fun activity such as the earlier “the perfect football goals” campaign to earn coins. Obviously, the tiger coin experience is positive when I can enjoy participating in my preferred event and earning coins at the same time. I love the tiger coins incentive the best as it motivates me to read more about investment tips/sharing and helps me to save my trading cost. I hope I will be able to redeem my favourite stock voucher HKD88 in the coming weeks, which shows “opps, sold out” every day to my disappointments. Cross my fingers!

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