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Feel like Meta is in the range of $320-385, with a mix of my rational and emotional connection with the stock. Rational thinking is based on the readings from the 3 winners' great insights plus also most analysts from various platforms have given Meta an overweight, outperform & etc. positive rating.  Emotion sets in to trust the CEO's foresight, recognizing how he has despite all challenges to make his company great.//@TigerClub:Hi Tigers, welcome to ”What the Tigers Say” [Cool]This is a weekly column planned to share the great opinion from Tigers on ‘What's Your Target Price for Meta After Earnings?’$Meta Platforms, Inc.(META)$ reports better-than-expected results and issues optimis
@TigerClub:🎁What the Tigers Say | What's Your Target Price for Meta After Earnings?
Keeping an open-minded on what have been shared. 
Nio Stock Bulls are in for a Rude Awakening
Is it good or bad signs, moving forward?
Singapore Price Pressures Top Hong Kong With Quicker Reopening
AT1 to me and so usefulful info
What Are AT1 Bonds, and Why Are They Risky?
Definitely not TGIF!!!
Singapore Stock Market May Take Further Damage On Friday
not into options yet, but these stocks have been most talked about so far in terms of performance...hmmmm.....worth checking it out!
@OptionsTutor:Top 10 Stocks for Trading Options in the Financial Report Season
Taking a break a few days to ignore market noise is the next best thing to do. 
Singapore Bourse Expected To Extend Losing Streak
Wednesday Joy on reading positive news of Singapore Reits
5 Singapore REITs with Distribution Yields Exceeding 5.3%
Monday blue!
Hong Kong Stocks Drop As Chinese Lenders Refrain From Cutting Rates, US Reports Prompt Rethink on Fed Downshift
I hope the world is not transforming into the land of AI, boundaries have to set a limit for how much it can go further. 
I Asked ChatGPT for 10 Cryptos to Buy. Here’s What It Recommended
Like the saying, there is no Free Food on the table. Likewise, Tiger coins have to be earned by performing the daily tiger tasks etc., My tip is “How much coins you can earn really depends on how much time, effort you want to spend. Also the expertise/skills needed to perform your daily tiger activities, including writing interesting articles and sharing of relevant investment news/tips etc that ultimately attract “like” to get the most deserved coins.” This sounds like a lot of work, but check it out, the TB event organizers have so far been thoughtful enough to launch many events & rewards that almost everyone can participate. As a newbie, I found the tiger coins rewards can be as simple as signing-in daily to complete daily tasks (the easy level) or participating in a fun activity s
Pineapple Tart is definitely the #1 winner. I am not a fan of pineapple tarts in my early years as I enjoyed savouring Love Letter and Bak Kaw more. But the tarts are the top choice of all CNY goodies be it at home or homes of relatives. It is like a competition going on where each family visited will definitely have someone offered the so-called best pineapple taets in town. It is a must-to-have snack, expected to be home-made or near with a certain standard of taste. Not surprisingly, there is a line-up of 6-8 containers of pineapple tarts being showcased on the most visible spot awaiting to please all the die-hard fans. The tarts have played such an amazing role as it is a topic for a great start to the conversation often focuses on how yummy the pineapple tarts are, where to get t
All about strategies in place for better results
Tesla CEO Says Price Cuts Triggered Big Demand, 2023 Sales Could Hit 2 Mln Vehicles
Wow....great CNY spirits here! Reading all the positive best wishes and the collaborative mindset to help each other to be hopeful and  Huat together really moves me. Wishing all of you achieving the investment goals set for year of Rabbit in a Big Way with a balance of emotional & rational thoughts. Additionally, wshing all the greatest winners in the Tiger Community remain Huat at the top, and be helpful to continue sharing the tips/strategies that provide guidances to the less experienced or less fortunate ones who hang on there to rise for better gains (even when falling) in the Rabbit year 2023 and beyond. This is a stock that I bought years back that is falling in value and so stagnate
agreed to some extend 
Prudent for Investors to Have Some Exposure to Singapore's Stock Market -- Market Talk
A few more attempts to end this game 
Agreed, listen but also do homework before taking decisions.
Is TSMC Stock a Buy Now?
Logic of unemployment rate to lower inflation ...hmmm 
Is Unemployment Good for Inflation? December CPI Says Maybe
Good or bad - early to tell 
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Need to know the rules of game to play well

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