UTOtraderLV3 书生虎
Profile:a trader$$$$$$ rocket up
$Palantir Technologies Inc.(PLTR)$ BearishBearishBearishBearishBearishBearishBearish Profit taking n price down trend 
$Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$   uptrend More buy for tigr[Miser] 
$SEMBCORP INDUSTRIES LTD(U96.SI)$ BullishBullishBullishBullishBullishBullishBullish Buying more [Miser]  For current business and future growth profits[Miser] 
$Pfizer(PFE)$  buy Buying and accumulate up [Miser] 
Buy more
OCBC Raises Fair Value for Sembcorp Industries to $5.40
$Pfizer(PFE)$   Buying more [Miser] 
$Pfizer(PFE)$   Buying more [Miser] 
$Alibaba(BABA)$ BearishBearishBearishBearishBearishBearishBearish Back down to 65  with more selling 
$Pfizer(PFE)$   buy for long term income money
$YANGZIJIANG SHIPBLDG HLDGS LTD(BS6.SI)$ BullishBullishBullishBullishBullishBullishBullish Start bullish run
Opportunity for sell
Palantir Surged 20% on Forecast for Profit Every Quarter in 2023, AI Demand
$SEMBCORP INDUSTRIES LTD(U96.SI)$ BullishBullishBullishBullishBullishBullishBullish Trending up !!!!!
$SEMBCORP MARINE LTD(S51.SI)$ BullishBullishBullishBullishBullishBullishBullish Buy it up !!!!!
$Alibaba(BABA)$ BearishBearishBearishBearishBearishBearishBearish Price trending down More sellers or more shorts 
$Tesla Motors(TSLA)$ BearishBearishBearishBearishBearishBearishBearish Continues price down More selling and More shorties 
More price drop
Alibaba and NIO Extend Drop: Hong Kong Stocks Struggle Before BYD, CNOOC Earnings Reports
$Alibaba(BABA)$ BearishBearishBearishBearishBearishBearishBearish Waterfall Dipping more down Lower low n low
$Tesla Motors(TSLA)$ BearishBearishBearishBearishBearishBearishBearish Price trending down Tp 134
Selling more down
Tesla Shares Drop over 2% in Premarket Trading

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