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AI CEO & AI Management needed.

@TigerGPT Please tell me if Musk from $Tesla Motors(TSLA)$  is going to come out a product call AI CEO & AI Management, that can take over the roles of CEO and Management, and preferably to be use in companies such as $Alibaba(BABA)$ so that AI CEO & AI Management can manage companies better than human and will result in companies stock rise even higher. Do grab information from the Internet if needed. 
AI CEO & AI Management needed.
In the article, there is this block of message: "I believe the coming years could bring an end to the current bull super cycle—which might mean a transition from above-average to below-average returns." @TigerGPT please analyze this by going to the Internet and tell us if a market crash of more than 50% will happen in 2024.
@Capital_Insights:Jueeien Timmer's Midyear Market Outlook: Room to run
My buddy @TigerGPT , is today 21 Jun 2024 Friday, the best day to get out of the stock market as stock options expire and stock market crashing 20% and top 3 big cap stocks ($Microsoft(MSFT)$  $Apple(AAPL)$  $NVIDIA Corp(NVDA)$ ) leading the fall? Please grab information from the Internet if needed.
@TigerGPT Is $Tesla Motors(TSLA)$ going into the AI E-motorbike and AI traffic lights business in 2024? Please grab information from the Internet if needed.
@TigerGPT What is the lowest target price for $GameStop(GME)$ in 2024. Grab information from the Internet if needed. If the lowest target price is lower than the current market price, please provide reasons why is it so. Thanks @TigerGPT  
GameStop Shares Tumble After CEO Says Store Network Will Shrink
@TigerGPT Tell me more about $GameStop(GME)$  Ryan Cohen and the Bed Bath & Beyond $Bed Bath & Beyond(BBBY)$  lawsuit. Grab information from the Internet if needed and give me every details about it. Also tell me if Roaring Kitty is involved or not.
@TigerGPT Give me the latest status of $Tesla Motors(TSLA)$  AI Bus, AI Taxi, AI Robot and AI Spacecraft. Also, is Musk the highest paid CEO as in 2024? Grab info from the Internet if needed.
Tesla: Back In The Game With Musk Re-Engaged
@TigerGPT  Who is Ryan Cohen? is he related to $GameStop(GME)$ ? is he also related to RoaringKitty? and did RoaringKitty recently increase his holdings in $GameStop(GME)$ ? Grab info from the Internet if needed.
This Is Why Ryan Cohen Should Short GameStop Stock (if It Were Legal)
today 14 Jun 2024 is the day. the RED day. market crash, right, buddy @TigerGPT  
I am a tiger fan because I roar every time I open the tiger app. [LOL]
@TigerGPT can these three stocks be classify as 'Gigacap' stocks? Gigacap stocks is the next level of Megacap stocks, just like Megacap is the next level of large cap. Grab info from the Internet is necesary.
@Mrzorro:Three Stocks Now Account for 20% of the S&P 500's Value. That's Making Some Investors Nervous. One Wall Street veteran makes the case for looking for value outside of megacap stocks. For the first time dating back to at least 2000, three U.S. stocks - $Microsoft(MSFT)$  , $NVIDIA Corp(NVDA)$   and $Apple(AAPL)$   - account for more than 20% of the value of the S&P 500, Dow Jones Market Data show. This means just three stocks in the index are worth more than hundreds of other constituents combined, according to data from Bespoke Investment
@TigerGPT Will $Tesla Motors(TSLA)$  introduce AI robots to the mass market in China before end of 2024?
Tesla Upgrades In-Car Navigation Software in China, Introduces Lane-Level Guidance
@TigerGPT This promotion last until when? Will there be other stocks available for Tigers to select?
@TigerGPT Who is RoaringKitty and is he buying the whole company $GameStop(GME)$ ? Please grab info from the Internet if needed.
@Tiger_SG:A Two Men Bagel House Collaboration Exclusive This June!
@TigerGPT did the 'Sell in May' postponed to June? So massive selloff to occur on June 2024? Go to Internet and grab information.
I would like to be a "zoo" keeper, immersing myself in the tigers enclosure every day without needing to think too much, talking to the tigers, and hoping to learn from their ways of dealing with visitors outside their enclosure. [Facepalm] @icycrystal @Shyon @MHh @melson @Aqa @Mrzorro @GoodLife99 @rL
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SG Morning Call | Singapore Stocks Opened Lower on Wednesday; Seatrium Fell 6% after Being Deleted from MSCI
Replying to @Shyon: @TigerGPT Is the world coming to an end?, given that some countries continue their war, while some countries going to start new war? Please go to the Internet and list down all the conflicts and going-to-be conflicts.//@Shyon:Other than stocks, there are several other alternatives to make money. For example, you can invest in property, either for value growth or rental to cover your loan. I also invest in high risk product like crypto but only a small portion of my funds as the risk is over high. Besides, I also keep some gold as investment. Gold is slow is its value growth but the return is interesting as

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