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it's official! Tiger has raised the coins for Stock Vouchers redemption! Tiger are you serious??? @Daily_Discussion @Tiger_SG @Tiger_comments @TigerStars @TigerClub @CaptainTiger
@icycrystal:by the rate tiger is reducing the coins, am not surprised eventually they will take away the daily tasks altogether. and the only way to get coins will be commenting through posts and events and that is time consuming [What] [Speechless] [Sad] [Glance] [Smug] [OMG] [Gosh] [Drowsy] [Anger]//@Success88:$Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$  Starting from today the daily check in coin had been down from 20coin to 5coin. So Sad.😭 See how it goes probably we should explore other trading platform app as well. So far many other platform coming up offer daily cash rebate and stock voucher too. What you think guys?or should still continue to stay here? @Dail
I don't think all those who commented previously (on previous posts) have received any coins till date... [What] [What] [What] @LMSunshine @koolgal @Shyon @Aqa
@TigerPicks:$EDIT: Gene-Editing Pioneers in a Competitive Landscape with BLUE and CRSP
@TigerEvents:[Thanksgiving Special] Screenshot to Score Red Packets, Coins, and Surprises
Replying to @icycrystal: @TigerEvents oops forgot to attach screenshot. here's the red packet screenshot...//@icycrystal:thank you @TigerEvents for having this event and for the wonderful gift. yeah, I got red packet and $5 stock voucher inside [smile] [smile] [smile] reposting and tagging @
@TigerEvents:[Thanksgiving Special] Screenshot to Score Red Packets, Coins, and Surprises
thank you @TigerEvents for having this event and for the wonderful gift. yeah, I got red packet and $5 stock voucher inside [smile] [smile] [smile] reposting and tagging @rL @Zarkness @DiAngel
@TigerEvents:[Thanksgiving Special] Screenshot to Score Red Packets, Coins, and Surprises
would it turn chaotic  [Thinking] [Thinking] [Thinking] if I were Sam Altman, I would think I would join <a href="https://ttm.financial/S/MSFT"> $Microsoft(</a><a href="https://ttm.financial/S/MSFT">MSFT</a><a href="https://ttm.financial/S/MSFT">)$ </a>and pull staffers with me to join as well  [Evil] [Evil] [Evil] why stay in a company when they ousted you  [Anger] [Anger] [Anger] better join a company where you are appreciated  [smile] [smile] [smile] reposting and tagging what do you guys think? @LMSunshine @
@Tiger_comments:If you were Altman, return to OpenAI or join MSFT?
$Alibaba(BABA)$ Jack Ma is not as active as before. He's probably planning to spend more time with his family and planning to retire enjoying life... Good for him. On the other hand, Baba may be greatly affected as Jack Ma is the "face" of Baba... Thus, not too optimistic on this stock... What do you guys think[Thinking] [Thinking] [Thinking]  @koolgal  @Shyon  @Aqa  @HelenJanet  @DiAngel
for me I think I would prefer bottom fishing because purchase at a lower  [USD] [USD] [USD] and also because am not rich like Uncle Buffett or Auntie Cathy or the Charismatic One where they have tons of  [USD] [USD] [USD] to chase highs  [Chuckle] [Chuckle] [Chuckle] both have its risk as of its low can go lower and if it's high may dive down drastically... have the experience before  [Cry] [Cry] [Cry] know what it's like  [Cry] [Cry] [Cry] therefore, need to control emotions and need to remind. myself this very important point - to go for good and established companies with proven track records and have survived through and through (solid rock foundation) [smile] [smile] [smile] reposting and tagging Tigers who leave valid insights with explanations in the comment
@MillionaireTiger:Have you ever heard of the great paradox in the stock market? - Chasing Highs or Hunting Bottoms?
$Tesla Motors(TSLA)$ yep, think it will dip to below 200.  Probably around 180[Thinking] [Thinking] [Thinking] 
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$WeWork(WE)$ gonna be difficult to survive as the liabilities too huge. don't think any big institution would take a chance especially if the debt is huge. just sad for the employees and people who have invested in the company. I think if $WeWork(WE)$ has sought help at the first sign of trouble maybe there may still be a chance... @Success88
@Meme_Tiger:🎁WeWork Bankrupt? Which Meme Stock is Next?
hi friends, come join the fun and let's see how long a chain we can make. @koolgal has started the chain so please go to her comment and continue from there [smile] [smile] [smile] @Aqa @HelenJanet @
@TigerEvents:[Stock Name Challenge] Last and First 🎮💰🎁
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Tesla has always been a volatile stock. swinging crazily left and right, skyrocketing to high then suddenly dive to deep low. it's one of the scarier rollercoaster ride... [OMG] [OMG] [OMG] [Gosh] [Gosh] [Gosh] this is the kinda rollercoaster that I do not enjoy (though I like the thrill of rollercoaster ride...) target price maybe around 180 to 195 [Thinking] [Thinking] [Thinking] @Shyon @Aqa @
@TigerClub:🎁What the Tigers Say | Tesla Below $200: Bottom or Wait for Lower Prices?

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