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@TigerTradingNotes:[Trade Feed] StableMaster: Excerpts from "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator"
Sometimes I couldn't differentiate I'm buying TSLA because of TSLA or because I admire Elon Musk this future entrepreneur/ great visionary [LOL]  [LOL]  [LOL]  , I understand I'm a very new 🆕 TSLA investor, but I'm really regretted that I sold all TSLA when it hit closed to 900 prior the split as it's skyrocketing aft that & I no longer buy back my initial cost/share[Speechless]   For those who have invested in TSLA above 5yrs, you got what I mean [LOL]  
Elon Musk Slams Bond King Bill Gross For Tesla Is "Meme Stock" Remarks
Healthy pullback 'is normal' for a stocks, but I will wait patiently till Aug. Pullback = top up opportunity [LOL]  [Grin]  
Elon Musk Slams Bond King Bill Gross For Tesla Is "Meme Stock" Remarks
Maybe Bill Gross is shorting TSLA [LOL]  [LOL]  
Elon Musk Slams Bond King Bill Gross For Tesla Is "Meme Stock" Remarks
excited for the self driving from TSLA, watched YouTube sharing which is quite unbelievable. [Thinking] wondering is it Elon is working on something with Uber behind. Looking forwards for TSLA to surpass 300!!
I wish I know Tiger Brokers platform early so I can know more since it always share a lot of investment information, I consider I'm a impulsive trader but year after years, I tend to be more conservative now
More more 10 20 30 40 50 60....100 yrs to come Tiger Brokers!! [Happy]  
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Market seems like coming back!!
My favorite game!!! Hope not too late [Happy]
Good to keep!
@Brian_Feroldi:Trading Skills|Warren Buffett's Income Statement "rules of thumb"
Key events!
US Stock Futures Dip; Investors Positioning for US Inflation, Fed Meeting Wednesday
I'm glad to have my very 1st high risk investment journey leading by Tiger Brokers, it's a very good platform not only to make more friendsssss, but also have a lots of updates/news to improve my financial skill & totally change my life/way of thinking to accumulate wealth prior retirement. [Love]
very good sharing, great efforts!!
@Shyon:AI and Semiconductor 💻📱☁️ Trend
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Great read!!! Great news for rates cute!
@JC888:When Fed Cuts Rates: Who Wins? Buy Them Now
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Come join the Warren Buffett Scavenger Hunt!
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Warren Buffett 4th card!
@Ryan_Z0528:💼Buffett's Wisdom: Quotes on Financial Management📈
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@nerdbull1669:Market Optimistic Amid Uncertainty Over Rate Cut Decision

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