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Average rental rates increase reported for Ascendas REIT. But no indicated figure of gross rental income collection and npi derived ?
Singapore Stocks to Watch: Keppel, CapitaLand Ascendas Reit, Unusual
With news of SMM having a proven track record in offshore windfarms, and the Keppel Infra Trust now abt to embark on its EFR, there will be good responses to the KIT fund-raising initiative.
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Let's watch if MPACT will climb higher today, unless of course,... a new mkt-moving or ctr-moving news appears after I posted this.
Singapore Shares May Tick Higher On Friday
Start to enter now for MPACT and Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT. Pls do ur due diligence.
Singapore Shares Tipped To Open In The Green
I still say we buy resilient dividend-paying stocks and good REITs. If... after we bought and..., the price drops further, we will still receuve our dividends, no matter how low the amt is.... as we wait for our counter to recover. I just saw a statement on Bloomberg 15 mins ago : Coinbase has recovered a lot... BUTit is still 53% of its price at this time last year. Unvestors who bought Coinbase last year is 'STILL WAITING' to recoup their investments into Coinbase, without receiving returns. This is not right because Time Is Money.
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If the share price drops TOO FAR, it will be hard to recover to one's buy price... or it willtake a very long time to do so... if it can recover.
The Bank Panic of 2023 Could Be Just What the Stock Market Needs to Make Money for Investors Again
Only one reading is above forecast, ie the Core mth-on-mth. 3 readings are inline... Mktwill be more confident... but for how long ?
Inflation: Consumer Prices Rise 6% over Last Year in February, Slowest since Sept. 2021
Hmm... all in the above are talking abt US banks... Any effect on European and Asian banks ? DBS ? Still very safe ??
20 Banks That Are Sitting on Huge Potential Securities Losses--As Was SVB
I have observed many times, a high jobless number released one day earlier, will be followed by a high payroll number (NFP) on the following Friday. Both numbers beating expectations for the same previous mth... Another bad news is the recent ADP Jobs report signalled a high payroll number... when the ADP number is high, the govt's payroll number will follow. We'll see tonight.
US Jobless Claims Jump to 211,000, Highest Level Since December
Good initial news... now, the NFP Report tmrw night....
US Jobless Claims Jump to 211,000, Highest Level Since December
The main reason for BRK holding APPL at a 41% TSP (Total Stock Portfolio) value is dueto Legacy. BRK has been adding positions into APPLY throughout the years, and APPL has proven itself to be many times. But the iPhone is not selling as well anymore, snd there are more competitors in the dmartphonespace today. Somehow... Buffett did not see AMZN becoming as it is today when the share price was lower 20 years ago. He only spotted APPL.
Got $1,000? 2 Buffett Stocks to Buy in 2023 and Hold Forever
Up and down.... options investors have a challenging time. I think.. hunting for dividend stocks at the lowest price is still the best way to go....
Rebound Anticipated For Singapore Stock Market
Receiving regular lower dividends with a red position is BETTER than receiving NOTHINGwhile hoping our analysis is right abt the company.
Interest-Rate Concerns Push Investors Into Dividend-Paying Stocks
If the environment deteriorates further, and the company cuts its dividend, I'll stick with the company provided its fundamentals remained well. i will continue to receive dividend while waiting to sit-out the volatility. The share price will eventually come back up. Observed this many times in the past.
Interest-Rate Concerns Push Investors Into Dividend-Paying Stocks
The boat is coming back - terminal FFR raised to 5.4%. But be cautious of a Recession.
Fed’s Preferred Inflation Gauge Accelerates, Adding Pressure for More Rate Hikes
Transcore is really a drag on ST Eng'g.
Singapore Stocks to Watch: OCBC, ST Engineering, Haw Par Corp, Riverstone, HRnetGroup
But... as per previous years, no Special divvywas given out, unlike DBS. 😐
Singapore Stocks to Watch: OCBC, ST Engineering, Haw Par Corp, Riverstone, HRnetGroup
OCBC dpu ROSE from 28c in 4QFY21 to a whopping 40c in 4QFY22.
Singapore Stocks to Watch: OCBC, ST Engineering, Haw Par Corp, Riverstone, HRnetGroup
I have Airbnb too in my hldgs, held it since IPO days 2 -3 years ago. Still in deep red becos entry price is high.
Airbnb Stock Jumped 9% as Sales Forecast Tops Estimates on Strong Travel Demand
 UMS Hldgs has been dropping in the last many sessions.
Semiconductor Stocks Tumbled in Morning Trading; TSMC Shares Slumping Over 5%

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