Will Instacart IPO Pop or Fizzle?

Investors are abuzz with anticipation as online grocery delivery giant Instacart prepares to go public. With the goal of raising up to a staggering $660 million, Instacart's initial public offering (IPO) is generating considerable excitement. This move follows a recent trend of companies aiming to cash in on the fervor of opening-day pops, and it raises the question: Will $Instacart, Inc. (Maplebear Inc.)(CART)$'s IPO pop or potentially miss the mark?

The Missed Opportunity Dilemma

IPO pops in 2008 to 2020

IPO pops, characterized by substantial price increases in newly issued stocks on their first trading day, have been a central phenomenon in the stock market. Historical data from 1980 to 2020 reveals an average IPO pop of 18.4%, notably lower than the heady days of the Dot-Com bubble when first-day increases regularly exceeded 60%. However, the experience of some high-profile companies shows that these initial gains can cool down after the first quarter, with declines occurring. Consider 2021 as an example, a year that witnessed a record number of IPOs. In the first quarter, companies often priced their IPOs at the top of their expected range due to surging demand, an improving economy, and a strong stock market, leading to average first-day increases of 40%. Yet, by the second quarter, some companies were pricing below their expected ranges, and a few didn't even reach those prices on their first trading day, dampening public enthusiasm for IPOs. Such volatility is common in IPOs, underscoring the need for caution when investing in them.

Instacart's decision to increase its fundraising target indicates confidence in the demand for its shares. The company's unique position in the online grocery delivery market, amplified by pandemic-driven demand for such services, has undoubtedly piqued investor interest. The increase in the fundraising goal also suggests that Instacart aims to bolster its cash reserves, which can be vital for growth and innovation.

However, the success of Instacart's IPO will ultimately depend on several factors, including market conditions, investor sentiment, and the pricing strategy set by its underwriters. It's essential to strike a balance between securing a successful debut and ensuring that the company doesn't leave money on the table.

My Bold Predictions

My illustration of first day candle

It is always fun to make predictions. I am anticipating a roller-coaster ride on the first day of trading, with the stock price oscillating from below the IPO price to reaching its daily high before eventually closing near the IPO price. This initial turbulence can be driven by a flurry of buy and sell orders as investors react to the IPO's market entry.

My illustration of stock movement in coming days

Furthermore, the journey ahead may see the stock meandering within a defined range as traders and investors assess its potential. A pattern of consolidation may emerge before an upward surge that leads to a new price peak, driven by optimism and market sentiment. However, this euphoria can be followed by a correction as early investors seize the opportunity to secure profits. The market's eventual settling and the natural ebb and flow of investor sentiment often play a significant role in shaping the stock's trajectory.


IPO pops remain a fascinating aspect of the stock market in 2023. While they might appear as missed opportunities from the issuer's perspective, the broader benefits of entering public markets - including enhanced liquidity, reduced capital costs, and access to a diverse pool of investors - continue to make the IPO journey an attractive and strategic move for companies seeking growth and expansion in this market environment.

What are your thoughts on the IPO?

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