Evaluate Daily Options Data For Potential Trade (21 Sep 2023)

Fed declines to hike, but points to rates staying higher for longer. Federal Reserve held interest rates steady, but indicate that it still expects one more hike before the end of the year.

Fed has also indicate fewer cuts than previously indicated next year. Fed has also updated sharply its economic growth expectations for 2023 with GDP (Gross Domestic Product) expected to increase by 2.1% in 2023.

While holding rates at a relatively high levels, Fed will be continuing to reduce its bond holdings. This action would cut the central bank balance sheet by some $815 billion since June 2022.

In this article I would be sharing on how the Daily Options data is showing after last night speech, which stocks are potentially tradeable.

Top 5 Stocks By Highest Number of Contracts (21 Sep 2023)

$Tesla Motors(TSLA)$ lead the highest number of contract as of 21 Sep 2023 and they have %Calls higher than %Puts which suggest a bullish sentiment among traders and investors for today trade.

But I would exercise caution as there might be some other factors like Tesla latest price cut which will have significant impact on its earnings.

If we look at these top 5, 2 of them are AI semiconductors stock which is interesting to note, does it mean that market will be looking to load up AI semiconductor stocks today?

Top 5 Stocks By Daily Volume Percentage (21 Sep 2023)

If we look at the daily volume percentage, it look like $Pinterest, Inc.(PINS)$ has the highest percentage of over 300%, and the %Calls is higher by %Puts by more than 30%.

I would think this is a stock that we can look into as the interest from traders and investors would be high. I would expect a high buying volume as well.

Top 5 Stocks By Highest Percentage Calls (21 Sep 2023)

$Amazon.com(AMZN)$ has a pretty decent high percentage calls and the difference is more than 40%. Amazon would experiencing some bullish sentiment from investors.

I will be looking out for price action and the trading volume in today (21 Sep 2023) session.

Top 5 Stocks By Highest Percentage Puts (21 Sep 2023)

Looking at the Top 5 stocks by %Puts, it looks like Disney, Nikola and Meta would be having some selling activities.

I would consider these stocks for short for 21 Sep 2023.


Based on what the daily options data have shown us, it looks like Tesla, Amazon and Pinterest are stocks that we can monitor and look out. But do also look out for the stocks with the positive difference between %Calls and %Puts.

I will be monitoring these stocks price action as I foresee trading opportunities today (21 Sep 2023).

Appreciate if you could share your thoughts in the comment section whether you think Tesla, Amazon and Pinterest are stocks you would be looking out for today (21 Sep 2023)?

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Disclaimer: The analysis and result presented does not recommend or suggest any investing in the said stock. This is purely for Analysis.

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  • ColinThorndike

    $Pinterest, Inc.(PINS)$ I'm making a 140% annual gain from this stock. Buy 100 shares on margin of 35%, sell a call for $230 with strike price of 28 that expires Nov 17th, thats only two months out so repeat 6 times to get to the 140%. There is a little slippage due to margin interest.

  • $亚马逊(AMZN)$ Long term is the only one that matters. The longs are infinity. This is just a pause. With not that much to make on the downside.

  • HardyJenny

    I think the Tesla will go up to $1000 by next year especially since the cyber truck is coming out in a few weeks! LONG

  • 10y us bonds 4,46%. Market crash is coming or already started. Tesla will be leader in fall.

  • the fastest way getting rich is shorting Tesla from now into Q3 report.