Join Tiger's Halloween Fun! Win Big!

Hey there, spooky squad! 🎃 Halloween is coming, and it's time for some fang-tastic fun with our new game - Trick Or Trade! Get ready for some fun, and earn points to win a USD 100 stock voucher and AAPL stock!* In this thrilling game, you'll have just 60 seconds to fend off a gang of mischievous Halloween spirits. It's your job to give them a fright and chase them away with a tap – the more, the merrier! Now, here's the twist: each ghostly friend will require different taps and will reward you with various points. Airy the Apparition - Just one tap, and poof, they vanish. Spooktacularly easy! Bubbles the Water Pixie - Disappears with zero taps - A true magic trick! Rocky the Earth Spirit - You'll need to tap twice to send it packing. He's grounded, you see. Flicker the Embergeist - Another one-tap marvel, but watch out, this fiery spirit is always scheming! However, be wary. if you accidentally tap on a bomb 💣 or an eerie spider 🕷 during the game, the fun will come to an end. What's more, there are daily surprise rewards up for grabs! Only the first 50 players who score 350 points or more each day will receive this special treat. Rack up those Halloween points and exchange them for these fantastic rewards: So, are you ready to become the ultimate ghostbuster? Click here to start the game and get your fingers tappin'👉 [Trick Or Trade] 👈 Happy Halloween and have a blast, my spooky Tigers! 🎃 *Promotion T&Cs apply. $Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$
Join Tiger's Halloween Fun! Win Big!

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