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  • The Campaign is open to existing clients who have opened Prime Account(s) with Tiger Brokers before 26 September 2023 at 16:00 SGT only, and have not activated Tiger Vault "Auto-Sweep" features before and do not have any holdings of Tiger Vault funds .

Unlock the potential of your idle cash and enjoy an incredible interest bonus of 8%* p.a with Tiger Vault!

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Step 1: Click “Join now” to sign up for the campaign.

Step 2: Enable the “Auto-Sweep”feature on Tiger Vault for the first time.

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[Cool]WHO can take part?

  • The Campaign is accessible to both new and existing clients who have opened Prime Accounts with Tiger Brokers.

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[Smart]All you have to do is open your Fund Mall account by completing your Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) for the first time to claim the SGD 10 worth of funds*. Eligible clients can claim the reward directly from the button on the landing page. Don't miss out! 💸✨
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