Q: What is Applied Materials 2024/Q1 Earnings Preview?

TigerGPT Answer: 【Forecast Data】

The financial forecast data for Applied Materials (AMAT) this quarter includes an earnings per share (EPS) estimate of $1.91, total revenue estimate of $6,476,866,830, and an EBIT estimate of $1,819,081,050. Compared to the same period last year:

- EPS has decreased by approximately 5.91% from $2.03.

- Total revenue has decreased by approximately 3.88% from $6,739,000,000.

- EBIT has decreased by approximately 8.44% from $1,987,000,000.

The significance of these changes indicates a slight contraction in profitability and revenue, which could be due to various factors such as market conditions, increased competition, or operational challenges.

【Quarterly Important News】

Key news over the past quarter includes strong economic data reinforcing the view that the Federal Reserve is not yet ready to declare victory over inflation. This has led to a decline in the bond market and a drop in U.S. stock indices. The impact of this on Applied Materials' financial report could be increased cost of capital and potentially lower investment in the sector. The company's future development might be influenced by the macroeconomic environment and monetary policy.

【Forecast Viewpoints】

Current viewpoints on the company's financial report are not provided in the data. However, the financial forecast data suggests a cautious outlook due to the slight decrease in EPS, revenue, and EBIT.

【Stock Trend Analysis】

Over the past quarter, Applied Materials' stock price has experienced a 27.11% increase from the last financial report release date to the current date. The latest stock price is $185.84, with a support level at $185.87 and a resistance level at $148.97. This indicates a strong uptrend, but the proximity of the stock price to the support level suggests that it may be testing this threshold, which could lead to potential changes in the trend.

【Options Large Order Analysis】

The options large orders show a mix of sell orders for both call and put options, with significant volume in the sell orders for calls. This could indicate that some traders are expecting the stock to not rise significantly above the strike prices of the sold calls. However, there are also buy orders for puts, suggesting some hedging or bearish sentiment. The mixed signals make it difficult to predict the financial report's outcome based solely on options activity.

【Analyst Ratings and Target Price Forecast】

Analysts have given a range of recommendations, with 7 recommending a hold, 15 suggesting a buy, and 1 indicating underperform. The mean target price is $170.825, with a low estimate of $138.00 and a high estimate of $215.00. Given the latest price of $185.84, the stock is trading above the mean target price, which could suggest it is currently overvalued. If the financial report aligns with the forecasted contraction, the stock may adjust towards the analysts' target prices.

【Comprehensive Conclusion】

Applied Materials is facing a slight decrease in forecasted financials compared to the previous year, with a challenging macroeconomic environment potentially impacting its operations. The stock has been on an uptrend, but analyst target prices suggest it may be overvalued. Options market activity provides mixed signals, making it difficult to draw a clear conclusion from this alone. Investors should monitor the company's performance closely and consider the broader economic context when evaluating its prospects.


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