Q: What is Opendoor Technologies Inc 2023/Q4 Earnings Preview?

TigerGPT Answer: 【Forecast Data】

The financial forecast data for Opendoor Technologies Inc for Q4 2023 is as follows:

- Earnings Per Share (EPS): -$0.19

- Total Revenue: $826,439,380

- EBIT: -$121,173,290

Compared to the same period last year (Q4 2022):

- EPS has improved from -$0.51 to -$0.19, a percentage change of +62.75%.

- Total Revenue has decreased from $2,857,000,000 to $826,439,380, a percentage change of -71.07%.

- EBIT has improved from -$194,000,000 to -$121,173,290, a percentage change of +37.54%.

The significant improvement in EPS and EBIT suggests that the company is managing its expenses better and moving towards profitability. However, the substantial decrease in revenue indicates a potential reduction in the company's sales or market share.

【Quarterly Important News】

There are no specific positive or negative news items provided for the past quarter related to Opendoor Technologies Inc's development or operations.

【Forecast Viewpoints】

There are no specific articles provided to summarize viewpoints on the company's financial report.

【Stock Trend Analysis】

Over the past quarter, Opendoor Technologies Inc's stock price has experienced a significant increase of 69.70%. The latest stock price is $3.51, with the same value being both the support and resistance level as of February 9, 2024. This indicates a consolidation phase in the stock price. The stock price trend suggests a positive sentiment among investors, but the consolidation indicates uncertainty about future direction.

【Options Large Order Analysis】

The options large orders show a mix of sell and buy orders for call options with strike prices at $5.0 and $4.5, respectively. The presence of sell orders may indicate that some traders expect the stock to not reach these strike prices by the expiration dates, while the buy orders suggest some optimism. This mixed signal makes it difficult to predict the financial report exceeding or falling below expectations solely based on options activity.

【Analyst Ratings and Target Price Forecast】

Analyst ratings for Opendoor Technologies Inc are mixed, with 2 buys, 7 holds, and 2 underperforms. The mean target price is $3.54, with a low estimate of $1.00 and a high estimate of $5.00. The current stock price is very close to the mean target price, suggesting that the company is valued appropriately by the market. The financial report could either confirm the current valuation or lead to adjustments based on the actual results.

【Comprehensive Conclusion】

Opendoor Technologies Inc has shown a significant improvement in EPS and EBIT, indicating better expense management. However, the sharp decline in revenue is a concern. The stock has seen a substantial increase in the past quarter, but the current consolidation phase indicates market uncertainty. Options activity provides mixed signals, and analyst ratings suggest the stock is currently fairly valued. The upcoming financial report will be crucial in determining the company's future trajectory.


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