(I had found the 4 cards)

[Surprise 8] Ka-Ching! Collect New Year Cards to Win $88 Stock Voucher!

Hi Tigers, During the Lunar New Year, Tiger has prepared several surprises for you as the Lunar New Year approaches. Check out today's fun activities! We have prepared a card search game. There are 4 cards hidden in 4 corners of the Tiger community. Can you help me find them all? 💡How to participate? The Lunar New Year Special Tigers are hidden in the 4 corners of the Tiger community. When you find a card, you can leave a message "HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR" in the comments section of the post you found. Tips: Be sure to remember to leave a message, otherwise we may fail to count the number of your cards. There are tons of coins awaiting you! ⏰Event Duration 15th February 2024-18th February 2024 🎁Event Rewards When you find a card and leave a message "HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR", you will get 10 Tiger Coins. The first Tiger who finds all four cards and posts "HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR" in the comment section below will receive a USD88 stock voucher. Moreover, four cards will bring Tigers four prizes. The first one who finds the card and comments on the post will get USD20 stock voucher. To allow more Tigers to win prizes, each Tiger is permitted to receive only one prize. Tag your friends, join the game, and win coins together! $Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$
[Surprise 8] Ka-Ching! Collect New Year Cards to Win $88 Stock Voucher!

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