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Once we have entered a buy order, it is common to be flooded with a range of emotions – excitement, pleasure, anxiety… or deep regret. “Did I just buy the right stock?” “Am I the sucker who just bought at the top of a market bubble?”
All this worrying, or “buyer’s remorse,” can be damaging to more than just our health. Beating ourself up after buying something isn’t going to change the fact that we made the purchase. It could easily lead to an impulsive, emotional decision to sell a stock that could well turn out to be a terrific long-term investment.
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[Surprise 5] Send Away Poor Spirits and Sweep Away Investment Traps!

On the third day of the lunar new year, "sending away the poor spirits" is a traditional custom. People throw away the garbage accumulated on the first and second days, clean up the house, and set off firecrackers. This signifies getting rid of poverty and bad things, bidding farewell to poverty and bad luck. In our investments, how can we send away poor spirits and avoid investment traps? Here are a few methods. Have you used any of these in your investments? Understand yourself and set clear investment goals, including risk tolerance. Diversify your investment portfolio to reduce overall risk. Set cooling-off periods to prevent overtrading. ... May the poor spirits stay away from your home this year, and may you have a prosperous year ahead!" 📢How to Participate Leave a comment below! Tag your friends to join the event! What tips do you recommend to avoid investment traps? 🎁Event Rewards All Tigers who leave a comment in this post will receive 10 Tiger Coins. Popular Tiger: One Tiger will receive a $10 stock voucher with the most popular and discussed comment. (Invite your friends to take part.) Lucky Tiger: We will randomly select 5 lucky Tigers to reward them a $5 stock voucher. ⏰Event Duration 12 February 2024 - 18 February 2024 $Tiger Brokers(TIGR)$
[Surprise 5] Send Away Poor Spirits and Sweep Away Investment Traps!

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