Outperforming the Market by 34.32% This Year: Is CRWD Poised for Continued Success?

How do you determine high-quality stocks? If outperforming the market is a criterion for identifying quality stocks, then this particular stock has exceeded expectations by surpassing the $S&P 500(.SPX)$ by 34.32%.

Curious about which stock this is? Let's find out!

Congratulations to @LMSunshine for the impressive 60.04% return on $CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc.(CRWD)$. [Applaud][Applaud][Applaud]

Earlier this year, someone shared his CRWD holdings: Outperforming the Market by 140% in the Past Year: Is CRWD the Top Cybersecurity Stocks?

Yesterday, $CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc.(CRWD)$ surged 7.29% to a new high of $384.98.


  • The company will join the S&P 500 index before trading starts on Monday, June 24, 2024. Being included in the index means that CrowdStrike will likely be held by many index and mutual funds as well as ETFs, which could drive up demand for the stock.

  • Another reason is CRWD's strong FQ1'25 financial performance and metrics, along with a moderate upward revision of its FY2025 guidance.

It reported strong FQ1'25 earnings with revenues of $921M (+8.9% QoQ/ +32.9% YoY) and adj EPS of $0.93 (-2.1% QoQ/ +63.1% YoY). Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) rose to $3.65B (+6.1% QoQ/ +33.6% YoY), and multi-year Remaining Performance Obligations reached $4.7B (+2.1% QoQ/ +42.4% YoY).

Management noted increased partner focus on CrowdStrike, contributing to these results. Additionally, CRWD's adj operating margins improved to 21.5%, and FCF margins to 35%, with a net cash position of $2.96B.

Consequently, CRWD raised its FY2025 guidance to $3.99B in revenues and $3.98 in adj EPS, up from previous estimates of $3.95B and $3.87, respectively.

Do you think CRWD will continue to hit new highs or enter a consolidation phase?

Is the current valuation too high?


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  • highhand
    a little expensive now .. must wait a while. it will probably consolidate.