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Since May, the U.S. stock market, with the $S&P 500(.SPX)$ and the $NASDAQ(.IXIC)$ , has been on a relentless climb to new heights.

The market now seems to be full of positive sentiment and confidence. Analysts expect the US stock market to rise even further in this election year.

Are you optimistic about the US economy and do you want to bet on the inflation trend that has been postponed to 2025 due to the interest rate cut?

Hopefully you're the one who doesn't want to miss out on this bull market, and below you'll find a way to expand your investment base and profit from the market.

1. A Way for Whom Want to Make Money With Zero Capital—Cash Boost Account

If you don't want to miss out on this rising market but are limited by the amount of capital you have, in today's share, I will tell you that by opening a CASH Boost Account, you can increase the trading capital in your TigerTrade account without any collateral.

In the cash boost account, you can utilize some tools and straitegies to amplify your investment capital, of course, the returns and risks are also increased.

OPEN A CASH BOOST ACCOUNT: Make tomorrow’s trades today

Open account & start trading today through Tiger Trade App > Home/Portfolio > Account switch button > Cash Boost Account

Still have questions? Explore our Cash Boost Account FAQ for more insights.

Cash Boost AccountCash Boost Account

2. How does Contra Trading with Cash Boost Improve Capital Efficiency

Your Cash Boost account has a default limit set. You can purchase the stocks you desire just like trading in a regular account. Once the purchase is complete, the transaction will enter an 'Unsettled Buy' status.

  • Singapore and Hong Kong stocks: You will have up to 5 trading days (Contra Trading Period) to perform a Contra Sell.

  • U.S. stocks: You will have up to 4 trading days (Contra Trading Period) to perform a Contra Sell.

After completing the Contra Sell transaction within the Contra Trading Period, you only need to settle the difference between the purchase price and the selling price.

Whether You are a novice investor or a matural d investor, you can use Contra Trading to amplify your investment capital and match the corresponding profit strategy:

  • No capital holding: Suitable for beginners. If short-term trading is successful, you can profit without capital costs. If the profit fails, continue to hold the stock for long-term investment.

  • Low-interest arbitrage: Users finance without collateral to deal with short-term trading, buying low and selling high to profit, obtaining an interest-free period. Once trapped, it is transferred to the financing account. Thus, it reduces the cost of capital usage.

  • Rolling contra trading: It refers to the continuous situation of hedging trading, where investors repeatedly buy and sell stocks. If the account's final net value is positive, the user's final delivery date will continue to move until the user stops placing orders during the offset period. Through this strategy, short-term trading experts will obtain a longer interest-free period, thereby reducing the cost of capital usage."

Special notes, Trading always carries risk. We encourage investors to trade oppotunities with good fundamentals and positive event stimulate at least.

3. Regarding the settlement date for using Contra account funds:

Investors use the brokerage's loaned funds to increase their trading positions and, at the same time, settle the price difference of these transactions on T+2 days to determine whether they have incurred a Contra-Loss or a Contra-Gain.

  • Here, "T+2" refers to the standard settlement period in the financial industry, where "T" is the trade date, and the settlement occurs two business days later. This translation ensures that the financial terminology is accurately conveyed and the process is clearly explained.

Disclaimers: Terms and Conditions apply. Investment in financial products carries the inherent risk of loss. Please visit our website for full details. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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Disclaimer: Investing carries risk. This is not financial advice. The above content should not be regarded as an offer, recommendation, or solicitation on acquiring or disposing of any financial products, any associated discussions, comments, or posts by author or other users should not be considered as such either. It is solely for general information purpose only, which does not consider your own investment objectives, financial situations or needs. TTM assumes no responsibility or warranty for the accuracy and completeness of the information, investors should do their own research and may seek professional advice before investing.



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