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Time Travel with Tiger, Join the Memorabilia Adventure Now!!!

Happy Birthday to TIGER!!! This year, we have prepared a time machine to go on an adventure with you. Come and find surprising gifts as we stroll down memory lane! There are so many wonderful little stories in our Tiger Quest. Collect as many coins as you can in the game, these will be your basic points of this game. Apart from one mini-game mission for SG/AU/NZ, the games will be open every week, and there are endless treasures waiting for you to discover. Points can be redeemed for multiple rewards, and you can win a share of up to USD 200,000 worth of prizes! Want to win extra points? Check out these mini-games, try them, stay with us and be PAWSITIVE! Remember to collect the cards and spell out "T.I.G.E.R" during your journey for a chance to receive the limited edition 8th Anniversary Gift Box and high-value stock vouchers! Where can you find these letters? Come and play the game to find out~ ~ Join us on Tiger's adventure~ Game hints: Make sure to sign in every day! Try the "share" buttons, and there may be surprises ~ Come and get your special Guides (Click Here) Campaign period: 14/June/2022 to 10/July/2022 Click Here to Join the Game​ ​Click Here to See Term& Conditions​
Time Travel with Tiger, Join the Memorabilia Adventure Now!!!

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