Stocks Technical Analysis #AMC #XPEV #TWTR

If you find my post helpful, I’ll be grateful and appreciate it if you could leave me a like on this post, and follow me for future posts like this. If you have any comments/feedback, feel free to use the link above to Google form. Free signal service on discord is officially up. If interested, head to my discord to check it out! $AMC Entertainment(AMC)$ Price is playing out as analyzed last week. price almost touched the bullish POI at 6.59 and has reacted slightly. My expectations are unchanged which is to take the lows at 5.96. $XPeng Inc.(XPEV)$ Price is currently on a downtrend. I was expecting a spring to be made here according to the Wyckoff accumulation schematic. This idea has been invalidated. Right now, we should be looking at a continuation lower after a bullish retracement to mitigate the bearish POI at 12.86. $Twitter(TWTR)$ Price bounced off nicely off the bearish POI at 43.64 as per my last analysis. From here, I'm expecting price to continue lower at least to the lows at 38.06. Like, share, and comment if you're holding any one of these companies! Let me know if you have any tickers you want me to analyze. Do check me out on other social platforms too, I post content on trading, analysis, and psychology. Check me out here: @CaptainTiger @TigerStars @MillionaireTiger
Stocks Technical Analysis #AMC #XPEV #TWTR

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