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【Thursday Special】Are You Second Buffett or Antie Cathie? FOMO or YOLO?

Hey Tigers! Welcome to this week's Thursday Special! Today's topic is to measure your risk appetite. There are five types of personal risk appetite: The investor who sleeps peacefully every night: Protecting the principal from loss and maintaining the liquidity of assets are the primary goals. Never believe in luck, only in ability. FOMO investor: stability is an important consideration, hoping to get a certain amount of return on the basis of the safety of the principal. Buy or not buy? Sell or not sell? The opportunity slip away... Feel like the second Warren Buffett: Desire to have high investment returns, but not want to bear large risks; the pursuit of long-term benefits, and steady growth. “Aunt Cathie” Investor: Focuses on the short-term appreciation of investments. Often takes some action to improve investment returns and is willing to take a large amount of risk to do so. Usually don't forget to leave a way out for themselves. YOLO Investor: Highly motivated to increase the value of their capital and willing to accept the possibility of large fluctuations in exchange for the possibility of high growth. Never been afraid. Most people in different situations are likely to have different types of risk appetite. Maybe yesterday you were sleeping well, today is YOLO investor~ Let's talk about what type of investor you are and what happened. Share your story with us in the comment section, including what type of investor and your experiences. No coins for the exact same experience.
【Thursday Special】Are You Second Buffett or Antie Cathie? FOMO or YOLO?

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