Pinduoduo Non-GAAP EPADS of $1.01 beats by $0.38, revenue of $5.48B beats by $920M

Pinduoduo press release $Pinduoduo Inc.(PDD)$ : Q1 Non-GAAP EPADS of $1.01 beats by $0.38.

Revenue of $5.48B (+58.0% Y/Y) beats by $920M.

“We are entering a new phase of development where we are fully committed to fostering high-quality growth and further strengthening our ecosystem,” said Mr. Jiazhen Zhao, Executive Director and Co-Chief Executive Officer of PDD Holdings. “We are launching a dedicated ‘10 Billion Ecosystem Initiative’ to facilitate an environment where quality merchants can flourish.”

“Patient investment is essential for us to promote ecosystem vibrancy and sustainability,” said Ms. Jun Liu, VP of Finance at PDD Holdings. “We are still in the investment stage, and we plan to step up our investment to further support quality growth.”

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