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$LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$   dived as $US2Y(US2Y.BOND)$   broke above resistance zone after the fed signaled another rate hike is possible and the terminal rate will be maintained for a year or more until inflation goes below 2%.  oil maintains above 80, oil above this price will cause the stock market to retrace. $FTSE China Bull 3X Shares(YINN)$   is a leading indicator of hst. it broke below support level and is likely headed for 21. coupled with property crisis, us-china trade war, high oil prices, Ukraine-Russia war, high interest rates, and so on, the chinese stock market will be under tremendous pressure.  hst mi
$SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust(SPY)$  is under pressure from high oil prices above 80; fomc meeting on 19-20sep; china key loan prime rate. spy retreated after my previous post. likely headed for 398.  $FTSE 100(.UKX.UK)$   is a leading indicator of spx. it has made a u turn up to resistance zone instead of breaking down support zone. spx may not follow suit immediately, it may follow a few weeks later as shown in my previous post.  $WTI Crude Oil - main 2310(CLmain)$  hovers above 80. this is the pain point level of markets. when it stays above 80, stock prices are pressured to retreat as it implies higher inflation and that translate
$SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust(SPY)$  is likely headed for correction. $FTSE 100(.UKX.UK)$   is a leading indicator of $S&P 500(.SPX)$ . you can look at the chart of spx candlestick compared with ukx orange line. ukx made a new high long before spx made a new high. ukx is on a downtrend after making a new high. spx will follow ukx's trend until ukx decides to change trend.  spy is likely to retrace to around 398 where the up trend support line is.  if you examine the$US2Y(US2Y.BOND)$  , you can observe that it is at resistance zone. inflation is still hot and the fed's
cnbc headline reads "Evergrande soars over 70% leading Chinese property stocks higher after Country Garden avoids default" $LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$   bounced off 0.695. global stocks retreats as oil makes new high after Saudi Arabia and Russia extended voluntary oil production cuts to the end of the year. hst looks bound for 0.74 according to pnf chart $FTSE China Bull 3X Shares(YINN)$   bounced off low of 32. looks like support by the bulls is there. yinn is a good forward indicator of hst. yinn looks bound for 45 according to pnf chart. $SGD/HKD(SGDHKD.FOREX)$   bounced off low of 5.75 after retreating from 5.82. sgdhkd te
$LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$   is clawing its way up as the chinese government introduces stimulus measures. the chinese government also told funds to stop selling.  $FTSE China Bull 3X Shares(YINN)$   overnight trading is up. both yinn and hst trend in the same direction. yinn rebounded after diving back down. this is a good sign that the bulls are back to support the climb up.  hopefully the incoming china data is good.  near term target for hst 0.76 do apply automatic investment system where you add shares at each 10% drop or at support zones if you know technical analysis. this way you conserve your capital while the stock is strongly downtrending. do take profit a
$LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$   jumped 3.5% this morning upon this announcement "China halves stamp duty on securities transactions, lowers margin requirement for buying stocks to boost investor confidence"source  the gap down at 0.715 (as previously mentioned in my post) got filled this morning .  the stimulus measure may push hst up to 0.76 where the resistance zone is.  overnight trading of $FTSE China Bull 3X Shares(YINN)$   made an intraday high of 34. it will likely push up to 38.47 to close the gap down. yinn and hst trend in the same direction and yinn is a good leading indicator for hst do apply automatic investment system where you add shar
$LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$   mount a 3 day technical rebound, likely due to oversold conditions due to china real estate crisis. it is likely headed for 0.715 to close the gap down.  $SGD/HKD(SGDHKD.FOREX)$   continues to rally. sgdhkd tends to trend in the same direction as hst. $FTSE China Bull 3X Shares(YINN)$   overnight trading activity suggests technical rebound will continue until gap down at 38.47 is filled. yinn is a good forward indicator of hst. do apply automatic investment system where you add shares at each 10% drop or at support zones if you know technical analysis. this way you conserve your capital while
$LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$   falls as china government stimulus underwhelms. the market expected more. the chinese government is very careful about its debt. it cannot be like the us which is deep in debt and keeps increasing the debt ceiling. the us can keep increasing its interest rate and strengthen usd though it has trillions of debt. the chinese government thinks long term and is very prudent.  $FTSE China Bull 3X Shares(YINN)$   broke support as the stimulus underwhelms. it is a good forward indicator for hst besides $Hang Seng Tech Index - main 2308(HTImain)$  . you can track overnight trading activity and decide how
$LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$  retraced after yesterday's mini bounce due to evergrande filing for bankruptcy protection. the real estate crisis continues.  china yuan is devaluing as foreign investors pull money out of the chinese stock market. sgdhkd is almost at all time high and it could get higher. investors are going for the strong usd and shunning the yuan. this means that sgdhkd is going to trend up and so does hst. recent big chinese companies earnings point to recover of consumer spending. Chinese tourism numbers are up, pointing to more spare money to spend.  another forward indicator besides the $Hang Seng Tech Index - main 2308(HTImain)$  is the <
$LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$   pulled back as predicted due to lousy china economic data, country garden crisis and us market pullback due to inflation data. this double whammy caused the hst to return to support zone. as previously mentioned, below 0.7 is good to accumulate as institutional investors will accumulate 6 months prior to market begins trending up. the lousy data is looking at the past. so we have to be forward looking. tourism numbers are up indicating people have spare cash to spend.  if we examine the pnf for hst, we can see that it has pulled back to support zone and this is a good zone to accumulate. you can see from my profit and lost graph that i wasn't affected much by the pullback. hence it is important
$LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$   broke out of the resistance zone for the pnf chart. it rose 11% from 0.657 in positive reaction to economic policies by the central government and Volkswagen's stake in xpeng 0.78 is the target. according to the behavior of hst, pullbacks are expected. any pullback to below 0.7 is good to accumulate.  the us market looks peakish after a great run. djia made a spectacular 13 consecutive day increase. i would also expect a pullback hence dragging hst down.  do apply automatic investment system where you add shares at each 10% drop or at support zones if you know technical analysis. this way you conserve your capital while the stock is strongly downtrending. do take profit at 10% interval
$LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$   jumped 6% in positive response to central government policies. $SGD/HKD(SGDHKD.FOREX)$   also jumped. sgdhkd has a strong correlation to hst. they trend together in the same direction.  if you examine the pnf for hst, it is now facing resistance, so tonight's fed statement may provide further catalyst for breaking above the resistance zone. continue to accumulate if price falls below 0.69. if you look at the bolinger band, the price is approaching the moving average. earning money from this etf as it trends down is tough, hopefully it will let me earn money easily by trending upwards.  do apply automatic investment system where yo
$LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$   will rise when the Chinese government introduce 2 new economic policies to support non-state-owned businesses. this is the time to accumulate when the price dips.  looking at the candlestick chart, you can observe that higher highs and higher lows are formed. according to dow theory, this is an uptrend. i would accumulate if it drops below 0.666 institutional investors are forward looking, so they would have positioned their funds 6 months before the bubble forms. they would most likely have cut their position when the Chinese economic numbers were bad. but they would most probably have accumulated at the bottom and took profit when the Chinese market rallied. if you examine the pnf chart, it is read
$LION OCBC HSTECH ETF S$(HST.SI)$  retreats as a slew of poor economic numbers discouraged investors. however, institutional investors are 6 months forward looking. they will position their money 6 months before the bubble starts to form.  if you take a look at the chart for$SGD/HKD(SGDHKD.FOREX)$  vs $HSTECH(HSTECH)$ , you will see a strong correlation. if you look at sgdhkd, it is on an uptrend. this signals that hstech will continue to trend up too.  if you examine the pnf for hstech, you can also see that it is turning upwards, signaling the start of a bull trend. though weak but it takes time for the economy to recov
$WILMAR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED(F34.SI)$  covered the gap made on 31 oct 22 and rebounded strongly. it had experienced a 14 consecutive day red candle. this is the longest streak of red candles i have encountered. the increased in volume together with the sharp drop in price suggests the peak selling momentum is over and the price is returning to its 20 day moving average. looking at the pnf chart, the price has bounced off the upward trendline (green line) formed by the previous low. crude palm oil prices has also rebounded from the low and is on the second wave up. target price for wilmar is about 4.2.  factors that may result in selling pressure ๐Ÿ›ฉ๏ธ wilmar nabati corruption investigation in Indonesia ๐Ÿ›ฉ๏ธ possible palm oil export ba
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