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      I don’t understand why people aren’t sure about the battery swap? You do know that you can still charge your battery at a charge station or at home if you have that set up. It is just another option to the customers. The only question one should have is, will Nio have enough capitol to set up the infrastructure and maintain enough capital to continue with their R/D. Once this company is profitable the SP will rise and maybe reach the level of Tesla.Long $ Strong$NIO Inc.(NIO)$  $NIO Inc.(NIO.SI)$  $NIO-SW(09866)$
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      3 Top Tech Stocks Ready for a Bull Run

      Don't toss Uber, Coupang, and Pinduoduo out with the bathwater.It's been a challenging year for tech stocks as rising rates and other macro headwinds have driven investors toward more conservative investments. It can be tempting to avoid the tech sector altogether until the market stabilizes. Still, investors should recall Warren Buffett's famous advice: "Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful."With so many tech stocks now trading far below their all-time highs, there are plenty of opportunities to get greedy. I personally believe these three unloved tech stocks fit the bill and could experience big rallies in the near future: Uber Technologies (UBER), Coupang (CPNG), and Pinduoduo (PDD).IMAGE SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES.1. Uber TechnologiesUber's stock currently trades about 35% below its initial public offering (IPO) price of $45. The bulls retreated as the pandemic temporarily disrupted its ride-hailing business, while formidable competitors like DoorDash challenged its Uber Eats food delivery segment. Its lack of profits also made it an unappealing investment as interest rates rose.However, Uber divested its Southeast Asian, Chinese, and Indian subsidiaries and its money-losing advanced technologies group (ATG) over the past few years to narrow its losses. Its ride-hailing business also stabilized last year as the lockdowns ended, and it acquired Postmates to strengthen Uber Eats' position against DoorDash.As a result, Uber's revenues are now rising, its net losses are narrowing, and its adjustedEBITDA(earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) has remained positive over thepast four quarters. Uber's revenue rose 57% to $17.46 billion in 2021, while its adjusted EBITDA loss narrowed from $2.53 billion to $774 million. This year, analysts expect its revenue to grow another 79% to $31.2 billion as it generates a positive adjusted EBITDA of $1.55 billion.Those growth rates are impressive, yet Uber's stock still trades at less than two times this year's sales. But once investors start to fully appreciate Uber's changes, its stock could easily return to its IPO price and continue climbing.2. CoupangShares of Coupang, South Korea's top e-commerce company, have dropped more than 50% below its IPO price of $35 as investors fretted over its slowing growth and steep losses. However, investors seem to be glossing over its obvious strengths.About 70% of South Korea's population already lives within seven miles of one of Coupang's fulfillment centers, and it continues to expand that logistics network to maintain its edge in next-day deliveries. It also locks in its shoppers with its Amazon Prime-like "Rocket WOW" subscription service, which offers free shipping, discounts, food and grocery deliveries, and access to its streaming video platform, Coupang Play, for less than $4 a month.Coupang's revenue rose 54% to $18.41 billion in 2021, but its adjusted EBITDA loss widened from $357 million to $748 million as it continued to launch new features and expand overseas into Taiwan and Japan.Analysts expect Coupang's revenue to grow just 14% to $20.96 billion this year as its growth cools off in a post-lockdown market, but they also expect its adjusted EBITDA loss to narrow to just $129 million. Those growth rates might seem unimpressive, but Coupang's stock also looks dirt cheap at just 1.4 times this year's sales. Therefore, Coupang's stock could bounce back quickly if it stabilizes its sales growth and meaningfully narrows its losses.3. PinduoduoPinduoduo is China's third-largest e-commerce company after Alibaba and, but it's growing faster than both. It initially expanded across China's lower-tier cities by letting shoppers team up on bulk purchases, and it subsequently entered the agricultural market by directly connecting farmers to consumers.Pinduoduo finished last year with 868.7 million annual active buyers, but it remains less exposed to antitrust headwinds than Alibaba and JD because it generates significantly lower revenues from each shopper. Yet, it's still growing like a weed. In 2021, Pinduoduo's revenue rose 58% to $14.74 billion, and it generated a net profit of $1.22 billion -- compared to a net loss of $1.1 billion in 2020. Analysts expect its revenue and net profit to grow another 30% and 185%, respectively, this year.Those are explosive growth rates for a stock that trades at just 30 times forward earnings and five times this year's sales. Simply put, any positive news about China will likely drive Pinduoduo's stock higher this year.Source: The Motley Fool$Pinduoduo Inc.(PDD)$  $Uber(UBER)$  $Coupang, Inc.(CPNG)$
      3 Top Tech Stocks Ready for a Bull Run
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      Xpeng just introduced China's most advanced ADAS system!The City NGP Pilot Program!It's now operational in Guangzhou!Huge deal for autonomous driving which is the ultimate goal of All EV manufacturers!XPEV delivery number must be very good with the G9 launch tomorrow.People dosent think long term. This stock Will be more than 50e in 2-3 years.$XPeng Inc.(XPEV)$
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      $META Not exactly $150, but $148 is making progress for reversal for bulls. Ideally this gaps to 150+ and run/fade at open for a cup & handle. It’s most likely the safest buy right now..$Meta Platforms, Inc.(META)$
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      $SOFI I look back at $SQ And it was nine dollars at the time of IPO in 2016. Market cap would’ve been in the $3 billion range. Fast forward six years and their market cap is north of 40 billion and price now 65. So, if you think that Sofi is at least as innovative as Square, those returns would be perfectly acceptable by my standards. It may not be happening overnight like a lot of people want, but if you were right about the company then it will happen eventually.$Block(SQ)$  $SoFi Technologies Inc.(SOFI)$
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      This things going down on me quicker than my prom date on prom night!And also I can’t stand it when people say this stock is in trouble because of inflation and the cost of oil. First of all we all know that the Saudis own 50% of the stock. Those same Saudis also on all the oil. All the bookings have already been paid for by the consumer. All of the bullish wishes in the world are not going to change the fact that this stock is being propped up heavily by the Sadi’s$Carnival(CCL)$
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      This type action makes a mockery of our stock markets. There should be limits to how much a stock can move in one day similar to the futures market. Maybe 10% or even 20%. If there is a real news or a buyout offer it would just take a few days for the price to reach the real level. This is just gambling.Up $100 on 1 million volume. Makes sense.$AMTD Digital Inc.(HKD)$
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      $LCID with the numbers I’m looking at, i think the stock market may drop another 5000 points by the end of this month. Peter fingers probably itching to drop the offerings news ahead of schedule. 50 Lotto $13.5 puts for next week. A good company but I see it going down for short term.$Lucid Group Inc(LCID)$
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      115 institution holders holding 652,872,180 shares from from on Sep 9 2022.Retail investors are holding 90% of 518 million, which is about 466.2 million.Total shares on the market is 1119.1 million. This is why I am buying the dip and holding for the big reward!$AMC Entertainment(AMC)$
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      Intel just demonstrating working wifi that is < 2x faster than current wifi technology. No biggy . Leeter rip on the chip manufacturers that use other countries ip for manufacturing purposes 🤷‍♂️😂$INTC easy double…will take over a year, but this is where you buy…also over a 6% dividend. I am trying to enter for long from $52 still waiting 🤣🤣, don’t know where is the bottom. I am ready for 2000 shares. Your kind opinion please.$Intel(INTC)$

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