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      🦋  join if u feel like writing
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      $Alphabet(GOOGL)$ At a companywide all-hands meeting this week, Alphabet Inc chief Sundar Pichai juggled tough questions from employees regarding cuts to travel and entertainment budgets, managing productivity, and potential layoffs.Employees questioned why Google is "nickel-and-diming employees" by cutting travel and swag budgets despite record profits and substantial cash reserves as it did after the pandemic. Pichai emphasized acting responsibly to tide through such critical situations, CNBC reports.
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      I dont know which stage I'm in. I only know I'm very careless this time round. Years ago i will liquidate ALL my holdings (Except Memes and Speculative type) at the drop of a hat 👒 to stay sideline when i sense something's not right. But this time round I have totally ignored the tell-tale signs of this downturn. And now I'm stuck on mountain top for those tickers I'm in. I've managed to sell off a handful when I see them reach my breakeven as i believe i will have chance to buy them back at even lower. Come back to Stage of Sentiment.  I feel frustrated seeing my portfolio getting redder and redder [RIP] [DOGE] But it's ok.  Cos my friend says Warren Buffet went through so many Bear Cycle he also can happy happy pass through days, so we must learn from him.  Have afternoon Tea with good friends,  enjoy life.  Life goes on as usual [Yummy] 
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      Those USD i converted since early days I join Tiger has become much stronger. But the stocks I'm in has been redder though. If only I have held on my USD in Tiger instead of putting them into trades I'll be a tad more richer [LOL] I have friends around me who put their money into USD investments many years ago believing it will recover strong. But i didn't follow them cos I'm chicken little when comes to Forex. It takes patience and diamond hands to see things happen.I actually hold 2 SG Reits in USD. $MANULIFE US REIT(BTOU.SI)$   and $Prime US ReitUSD(OXMU.SI)$  but they are on a down trend which erode away the value even though the dividends i collected half-yearly serves as a good pocket money especially now USD has turned stronger. My wish now is that when they recover years later when bull returns, USD can stay as stronge or even stronger 🤣Will the current $USD/SGD(USDSGD.FOREX)$   breaks thru 1.45 and head to 1.54? Or will it move even higher until no one would visit US for leisure vacation as it'll be an expensive place to visit? [Thinking]    Let's see.  
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      $Vinco Ventures, Inc.(BBIG)$ Bull Bull Guess 🚀
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      $Bank of America(BAC)$ BANK OF AMERICA LAUNCHES NO DOWN PAYMENT PROGRAM FOR HOME LOANSTo combat rising rates, Bank of America’s Community Affordable Loan Solution offers zero down payments and zero closing costs for qualified first-time home buyers.
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      🦋tag 4 friends 10 coin

      🔥[REWARDS]5 Things to Know Before Your Trades(23 Sep)

      Hi, Tigers!Welcome to Daily Discussion! This is the place for you to share your trading ideas and win coins!Click here to join the Topic & Win coins >>[Rewards]You will be given100 Tiger Coins according to the quality & interaction of the post(NOTE: Comments posted under this article WILL NOT be counted)2.You will be given10 Tiger coins if you tag more than 3 friends in the comment areaMeanwhile, we will be listing the stocks mentioned by those selected Tigers for your reference every day (not investment advice though)Is there anything you would like to share about your trades today?Click to join the topic & win tons of Tiger Coins here >>[Winners Announcement: 22 Sep]1.Here are the 9 Tigers whose post has the best quality & interaction yesterday: @LMSunshine @pekss @Ultrahisham @ToughCoyote @SR050321 @SirBahamut @TechnicalMaster @highhand @BenjiFuji Congratulations on being offered 100 Tiger Coins!Buying on price weaknessThe Importance of Capital PreservationAfter Fed Decision, VIX Futures See Important Signal: Sell or Rebound?2.Here are the stocks mentioned by the above Tigers: $Daiwa Hse Log Tr(DHLU.SI)$ $United Microelectronics(UMC)$ $Alibaba(BABA)$ $XPeng Inc.(XPEV)$ $DBS GROUP HOLDINGS LTD(D05.SI)$ $OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING CORP(O39.SI)$ $SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust(SPY)$ $Sea Ltd(SE)$ $Apple(AAPL)$ $Cboe Volatility Index(VIX)$ $S&P 500(.SPX)$ (Not investment advice)And let's congratulate these Tigers for winning 10-50 Coins:Below are Today's Key Takeaways.Daily Focus FridayTop News Move the MarketTiger Community TOP10 Tickers⭐For The Daily Most Active Stocks in S&P 500 & The Top 10 Popular Stcocks on WallStreetBets please turn to@TigerObserverThursday Afternoon Market RecapThe S&P 500 slid 0.8% to 3,757.99, while the $NASDAQ(.IXIC)$ shed 1.4% to 11,066.81. $DJIA(.DJI)$ closed 107.10 points lower, or 0.3%, at 30,076.68.Thursday’s session left the major averageson pace to close the week with losses. The Dow is down about 2.42% week to date, while the S&P and Nasdaq have tumbled 3% and 3.3%, respectively. The S&P and Dow closed Thursday 2.5% and 0.5% off their recent lows.$Boeing(BA)$ on Thursday fell 3.3% to close at $138.54 a share, making the aircraft manufacturer one of the biggest laggards in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI).$3M(MMM)$ fell as much as -1.2% to hit a nine-year low of $113.43 a share, but trimmed its loss to -0.6% with a closing price of $114.12. Investors continue to contemplate the company'slegal liabilitiesas the target of the biggest multidistrict litigation in U.S. history based on the number of lawsuits filed.Today's Headlines$Costco(COST)$ — The wholesale membership club retailer was down about 2.8% after reporting fiscal fourth quarter earnings post-market, and saying it’s seeing higher labor and freight costs.$DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc.(DOCN)$ — Shares were up 1.7% after the technology company named former Google executiveAllan Thygesen its new CEO.Click to Post in the Topic >>Or tag the topic when you make a postShare your ideas on trading opportunities or the market trends, and you will win coins as rewards!Stay safe and good luck with your investing!
      🔥[REWARDS]5 Things to Know Before Your Trades(23 Sep)
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      I think the way to find this out is to ask the directors direct on twitter.  Erik Finman Ted Farnsworth is actively engaging with the shareholders actually 

      Vinco Ventures: A Gamble Not Likely To Pay Off Anytime Soon

      SummaryA major question facing BBIG is whether or not its balance sheet will help it through the man
      Vinco Ventures: A Gamble Not Likely To Pay Off Anytime Soon
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      $STARHILL GLOBAL REIT(P40U.SI)$  Dividends should be in today. Check your account. 
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      $AIMS APAC REIT(O5RU.SI)$  Dividend is in.  Check your account. 

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