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      $Titan(TWI)$   A GREAT TITAN in construction machinery[Cool] [Anger]  Introduction:A manufacturer of wheels, tires, tires assemblies, undercarriage system and components for off highway vehicles. The company operates through 3 segment1) Agricultural - derives most of the revenue2) Earthmoving/ construction 3) Consumer Key ratio [Miser] -revenue increasing trend- net income adj increased almost 3x to 98 from 31.9- roe(adj) increase to 43% from 25%-diluted EPS (adj) increase to 2.05 from 0.79-total debt to equity ratio 1.67-fcf 33.5 with increasing capex Technical-been always above ema200 since Dec 2021[smile] -cross above ema100 3 days ago[Call] Factors to consider-strong fundamental background-strong technical trend above ema200-price pulled back after the company reduce the earning forecast in the next quarter(Nov 2022)[serious]  Lets earn some money from the TITAN[Wow]  @Daily_Discussion  @CaptainTiger  @TigerStars  @TigerPM  
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      $Doximity, Inc.(DOCS)$   A well and promising growth stock [Cool] [Anger]  Introduction:A digital platform for the US medical professionals. It's cloud based platform provide members with tools specifically built for medical professionals, enable them to collaborate with their colleagues, conduct patient virtual visit, stay up-to-date with the latest medical news and research, and manage their career. Key ratio[Like] - revenue and net income increasing trend-roe(adj) 7.93 % latest-diluted EPS (adj) increase to 0.698 from 0.121-total debt to equity ratio 0.0012-fcf increased to 120.9 Technical-currently still below ema200-short term wise rising trend with higher low price[Call]  Why this stock- as a relatively new company, fundamental background is strong-since listed , all the earning report able to exceed the expectations[Cool] -currently an undervalued stock[shy]  @Daily_Discussion  @CaptainTiger  @TigerPM  @TigerStars  
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      $Golden Ocean(GOGL)$  A promising stock to buy ??[Doubt] [Smart]  Introduction:A dry bulk shipping company. It's business involve transportation of dry bulk cargo including ore,coal, grains and fertilizer through its fleet of owned and chartered vessels, bareboat vessels, commercial management vessel and new building are chartered-out on fixed rate time charters and indexlinked time charter contract. Key ratios[Like] -revenue and net income (adj) increasing trend-roe(adj) increased to 35.07 % latest-diluted EPS adj increased to 3.12 from 2.73-total debt to equity ratio 0.739-fcf increase to 340 Technical[Call] -dropped below ema 200 in early July-rising trend with higher low price-currently cross above ema200 Why this stock- strong fundamental background- technical wise increasing trend-next earning report on 31/8/22[YoYo] But the current price is considered "overvalued" for me, but overall it's another promising stock. So, ls it a buy for you?[DOGE]  @Daily_Discussion  @CaptainTiger  @TigerStars  @TigerPM  
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      $Innospec(IOSP)$   We buy only promising stock [Smart] [Wow] Industry - specialty chemicalsManufacture and sells a variety of chemical and fuel additives. The company organized itself into 3 segmentsbased on products type.1) The fuel specialty segment - generates most of its revenue sell products used to improve fuel efficiency, boost engine performance- sell products used by oil field services provider in the extraction of oil and gas 2) The performance chemical segment - sell products to the personal care iindustry 3) The oilfield services segment - develop products to prevent lost of mmuds Key ratio[Like] -revenue increasing trend-net Income (adj) increase to 94.8 from 84.0-roe (adj) increase to 10.2% from 9.53%-diluted EPS adj increased to 4.27 from 3.75-total debt to equity ratio only 0.04-fcd reduced from 54 to 4.3[Put] Technical-well supported by ema200[DOGE] Why this stock- good Fundamental support-still below its 'intrinsic value' -good technical support-not That volatile compared to tech stock[666]  Let's invest for a long term instead of just taking a little profit from this market.  @Daily_Discussion  @TigerStars  @TigerPM  @CaptainTiger  
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      $Amgen(AMGN)$  The future is in Biotechnology![Cool] [Love]  A leader in biotechnology based human therapeutic, with historical expertise in renal disease and cancer supportive care products. Key ratio-revenue increasing trend-net income increase to 4.65 from 4.25-eps 4.25 to 4.65[Like] -total debt to equity ratio 15.09[OMG] -fcf reduced to 8417 in march from 10497 in Dec 2020 Technical-well supported by ema200[DOGE] -fluctuating around ema20 Factors to consider-fundamental is solid but debt is too high for me-good technical trend-earning report that can always surprised the market in a good way[Call] -current US recession period[Warning] So, is it a buy for you?[Bless] [serious]  @Daily_Discussion  @TigerPM  @TigerStars  @CaptainTiger  
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      $Palantir Technologies Inc.(PLTR)$ Bearish Time to sell and stay away from this?[Blush] [Drowsy]  The shares plunged more than 14% yesterday after posted Q2 results and offered full-year sales guidance that fell short of Wall Street's expectations.[Put]  -EPS (-)0.01 when the forecast was 0.0307[Weak] -Revenue 473.01m(forecast 469.09m)-up 26% year-over-year. Companie's forecast :1) For the upcoming third quarter, PLTR expects sales to be between $474M and $475M, compared to estimates of $508.23M.2) For the full-year, PLTR revised its forecast and expects to generate $1.9B in revenue (compared to analysts' estimates of $1.98B)3)PLTR said the company would be profitable by 2025, but that uncertainty in US government spending was hurting its outlook for the rest of the year.[Weak]  Technical analysis-dropped below ema200 since Nov2021[Put] -short term wise was increasing trend with higher low price-big gap down immediately after announcement of disappointing Q2 earning report Factors to consider-fundamental support is still not solid[Weak]  - 3 consecutive earning reports that doesn't meet the expectations[Weak] - uncertainty in major client (US gov) spending[Heartbreak] Is it time to sell this stock and stay away from it??[RIP] [RIP]  @Daily_Discussion  @TigerStars  @CaptainTiger  @TigerPM  
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      $Unity Software Inc.(U)$   It's a sell or buy into upcoming earnings??[serious] [Doubt] Provide a software platform to create and operating interactive, real time 3D content. Key ratio-revenue increasing trend- net income adj still increasingly (-)-roe(ask) (-)14.9%-diluted EPS (-)2.1-total debt to equity ratio 0.77-fcf became (+)33.6 from (-)153 Technical-dropped below ema200 in jan2022-breakthrough resistance ~46 last Friday[Call] -been above ema5 for ~1 week[Like] News -Earning report in 9/8/22-company just announced further reduction to their financial outlook for the year, despite this, the stock is up about ~60% since it's 1Q22 low earnings.[Warning] With all the factors mentioned above, will the upcoming earnings call snap investor back to reality again, erasing much of its stock price momentum?[serious] [Look back]  @Daily_Discussion  @TigerStars  
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      $Kinnate BioPharma Inc.(KNTE)$   A new pharmaceutical star or dust??[serious]  A biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of small molecules kinase inhibitors for difficult to treat, genomically defined cancers. Listed on December 2020 only Key ratio [Drowsy] -basically the fundamental is still not solid with all the key ratio in bad numbers-total debt to equity ratio 0.15-negative fcf Technical-overall a down trend[Weak] - short term wise rising trend  with higher low value-crossing above ema30 and 60 , approaching ema200[Put]  Next earning report in 15/8/2022 With all the past 6 quarters earning reports consecutively missed the estimate, will it continue the same or have a breakthrough?? [Doubt]  Surpassing the ema200 for first time ever since listed??[Thinking]  @Daily_Discussion @TigerPM  @TigerStars  @CaptainTiger  
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      $Palantir Technologies Inc.(PLTR)$   Will it beat the earning estimates??[serious] [Thinking]  Industry - software infrastructurePalantir released its software which focus on the government intelligence and defense sectors. Fundamental analysis-revenue increasing trend-net Income adj increasing trend but still (-)-diluted EPS increasing trend, latest was (-)0.25-total debt to equity ratio 0.11-fcf from 321 to 225 latest Technical analysis- dropped below ema 200 since Nov 2021-short term wise is increasing trend with higher low price[Call] -been steadily above ema5,20,30,60  for past one week-approaching ema200 News-will release earning report in coming Monday-friday post market price dropped For around 1.5%[Put] -insider (chief financial officer and treasurer)sold 105,553 shares on 2/8/22 before the earning release[OMG] [Sweats]  Overall-Fundamental support is not solid enough-technical wise looking good in short term- insider sells prior release of earning report[Pitiful]  'Buy on rumors, sell on news 'So, is it a buy or sell for PLTR??[Glance] [serious]  @Daily_Discussion  @CaptainTiger  @TigerStars  @TigerPM  
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      $Alibaba(BABA)$ Bullish Is it worth to buy the dip??[serious]  The world's largest online and mobile commerce company as measured by gross merchandise volume.It operate China online market place, including Taobao(consumer to consumer) and Tmall(business to consumer) Fundamental analysis[Like] -revenue increasing trend-roe(adj) 5.99% from 16.47%-EPS 11.73 latest from 7.95 last quarter-total debt to equity ratio 0.143-fcf 130797 from 231786 Technical analysis-price dropped below ema 200 since march 2021-short term wise is increasing trend with higher low price[Call]  -price above ema5 for 2 days streak News- shares have fallen by roughly 2/3 since late 2020, when regulators in Beijing abruptly halted the IPO of its finance affiliate Ant Group, an event that marked the beginning of the tech crackdown.-The company was added to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's list of Chinese companies that might be delisted for not meeting auditing requirements.[Gosh] -Analysts at Jefferies described Alibaba's share price drop as a "knee-jerk reaction" to the news of a potential delisting, and the 2024 deadline for Chinese American Depository Receipt delisting gives China adequate time to resolve its audit issues.-latest earning report released yesterday was better than expected.[Love] [Call]  Overall-Fundamental background is considered good-But will you "buy the rumor, sell the news?"[YoYo] [Eye] Is Baba a buy for you??[serious] [Doubt] @Daily_Discussion  @CaptainTiger  

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