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      🌊 Sea Limited's Surge: A Mirage or the Real McCoy?

      The recent 14.1% afternoon surge in Sea Limited's stock, following Indonesia's announcement to regulate social media use for e-commerce, has caught the attention of many. While some investors might see this as a sign of a sustained rally, I have my reservations. Let's dissect the situation and understand the implications for Sea Limited's future. [Cool]   The ROE Conundrum: Can Regulations Offset Financial Metrics? Despite the positive news from Indonesia, Sea Limited's Return on Equity (ROE) remains at a modest 4.1%. This metric, which measures the company's ability to generate profit from shareholders' investments, is crucial. When juxtaposed against the industry average of 11%, Sea's ROE is underwhelming. Can regulatory changes truly offset such fundamental financial con
      🌊 Sea Limited's Surge: A Mirage or the Real McCoy?

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