Option Strategies: NET, ADBE& NET

Hello everyone!Today i want to share some option strategeies with you!


$Broadcom(AVGO)$ has earnings this week. Its trading in the same area it was before last earnings. Took a dump for that earnings release. Will it take a dump again?

We do not know, but we are going to target the levels from last earnings for an #Optionselling put trade. Just gotta decide if we want to be conservative vs aggressive or somewhere in between.

Expected Move: ~6%

Expected Range: 1320 - 1495

Aggressive: 1320

Volume Point-of-Control: 1250

Conservative: 1200

Note: Strikes subject to change based on AVGO's price on Wednesday before market close.


$Adobe(ADBE)$ has earnings this week. Not sure how we want to play it yet, but we will be 👀 it. The stock has been beaten up on the daily chart.

▫️ Expected move = 7%

▫️ Expected range = 430 to 500

▫️ Volume point-of-control around 480

▫️ Next decent volume support level around 370

▫️ Gap filled at 440

Will revisit on Thursday as expected move and levels might change.


Looking at optionselling $Cloudflare, Inc.(NET)$ June 28 exp 66 strike puts. Might even be a set-up to buy calls on as well. Price action came down very close to strong volume support and point-of-control around 64. Now looks to be bouncing.

Got FOMC and CPI this Wednesday, so might be worth waiting to see how that goes before taking a trade.

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