US market on 20 Dec (Tue). Nasdaq killed by TSLA & APPL

The one-two punch delivered by Mr Powell from last Wed was still felt by the market even after the weekends layover. The market continued with its downwards spin ytd 19 Dec (Mon). This despite the pre-market indicators were all in "green" terrority. What this tells us is that the pre-market indicators are just that - thats all. It does not provide an accurate guage of the market. Must remember that ! Mkt perf 19 Dec / Pre-mkt indicators 20 Dec Summary : DJIA : -0.49% (-162.92 to 32,757.54). S&P 500 : -0.90% (-34.70 to 3,817.66). Nasdaq : -1.49% (-159.38 to 10,546.03). Creeping closer to the 10,000 mark. Will be "skipping" the Moving Averages tabulation, it will be depressing no ! Whahahah... A lot of the "blame" landed squarely on the 2 Tech giants - $Apple(AAPL)$ and $Tesla Motors(TSLA)$ .for Nasdaq's ytd debancle. Supposed any "negative" news coming out under the current "weak" market sentiments will not bode well for any stock. Hence APPL was not spared either ytd. Will they be able to weather thru this ? Absolutely ! Reason being their fundamentals and books are still strong. Also if you take a look at their overall revenue breakdown, you would've realized that APPL has been pivoting and placing emphasis & growing their services much more now compared to a year or two ago. It is spreading our its "risks"- agree ? Hence the vote of confidence. If there is/are anything thats gonna kill its stock price - it will be all the hypothesis put out by Wall Street on "what if APPL falls to $100 per share" - the "devils" are up to their no good again, no ? Think the "real culprit" that led to Nasdaq's -1.49% decline is by mr musk. There are two principals that he chooses not to understand and live by : Silence is golden More work, less Drama ! It is very unbecoming of a CEO to be seen - stirring up shit / emotions. Think this antics is wearing thin even by Wall Street standards (??) and they decided to let him have a taste of his own medicine. ... challenges regarding Twitter have left sentiment towards Tesla shares "severely damaged." says Colin Rusch, Oppenheimer Analyst, who has downgraded Tesla to "Perform" from prev "Outperform". The tweet that got him into trouble of buying Twitter is going to get him into further trouble now that his fans have spoken. Will he or won't he relinquished his CEO role in Twitter and get the hell back to Tesla and stabilize the situation there ? Think he wants to have his cakeS and eat them too..., ok so long as he doesn't choke on them in the process, LOL ! What will it be going into Tue (20 Dec) ? Looked at US Pre-market indicators (refer to above diagram) - Red ! Bitcoin & Ethereum prices (refer to above diagram) - Red ! Asia markets (ASX - Red !, Nekkei - Red !, KOPSI - Red !, HSI - Red!) EU market - not opened yet ! It will be relatively straight forward to predict US market's behviour for today no ? Not unless, Q4 2022 earnings report is so fantastic that its gonna "overall lift" the US market out of its doldrum. Will $Nike(NKE)$ or $FedEx(FDX)$ or both be the heroes to save the day ? Will know tomorrow as their results will be out after market closed. Do you think Nike or Fedex will be able to save the day ? Or at least give the market a kick in the right direction ? Share your thoughts / views in the Comments section below. Thanks. Please "Like" this post, ok ? Thanks in-adv. The rating is important to me. Tks, tks. Matching song ? Under Pressure by the fantastic duo of David Bowie & Freddie Mercury. Dunno ? YouTube it. You will loved it !! @TigerStars @Daily_Discussion @CaptainTiger @MillionaireTiger @Tiger_SG @TigerPM
US market on 20 Dec (Tue). Nasdaq killed by TSLA & APPL

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