Economic Calendar (26 Feb 2024) - PCE data is key data for interest rate changes

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Economic Calendar (26 Feb 2024)

Notable Highlights

  • PCE. Core PCE Index. This is the main inflation reference used by the Federal Reserve. An elevated PCE can turn the market bearish as the Fed may have to push back the rate cuts because of this. However, a falling PCE can bring relief to the market as the Fed inches closer to a Fed pivot.

  • GDP Q4. This will finalize the GDP from Q4.

  • New Home Sales. This provides a good insight into the real estate market.

  • CB Consumer Confidence. This is an indicator of the consumer and their coming consumption. The more confidence they have, it is likely that they can maintain or increase their consumption.

  • PMIChicago's PMI and China’s Manufacturing PMI will be released in the coming week. This is together with S&P Global US Manufacturing PMIISM Manufacturing PMI and ISM Manufacturing Prices (which can be read as inflation affecting manufacturing). This reveals the production forecast for both the US and China. Should the PMI continues its drop, this imply a drop in manufacturing activities.

  • Initial Jobless Claims - This reflects the impact of unemployment, a data point for the Fed’s interest rate decision. The unemployment rate will also reveal the job and jobless situation in the USA.

  • Crude Oil Inventories can be seen as forward indicators of market demand and consumption. If the trend of excess inventories continues, demand erosion can lead to reduced production & weakening consumer spending.


$S&P 500(.SPX)$

$Cboe Volatility Index(VIX)$

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