Technical Analysis for .SPX

Hello everyone!Today i want to share some technical analysis with you!

$S&P 500(.SPX)$ thoughts & lesson: More stocks made new lows today versus new highs. Breadth stand-alone is a weak measure of market direction— however, when you pair that with key moving averages the data becomes a magnitude more useful.

I know that at a point with negative breadth and the index closing below 5300 it becomes a scenario that heavily points towards a risk off environment.

Then there is the backdrop that little good will come to equities following rate cuts— there is a good quote about history rhyming out there…. somehow I don’t feel this is a consensus thought.

Being bullish into rate cuts I think will be like swimming against the current / overstaying your welcome type of moment.

What changes my mind? Small cap participation with $ARK Innovation ETF(ARKK)$ above 52 and $iShares Russell 2000 ETF(IWM)$ 212. This for me puts bears into hibernation.

Follow me to learn more about analysis!!

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