• FreedomMikeYTFreedomMikeYT
      Nio: ANOTHER Big Step For Nio! 💪
    • skythelimitskythelimit
      ·12-02 23:31
      Trailing PE is based on the previous 4 quarters, Forward PE is based on the next 4 quarters. Trailing EPS is $5.59, and I estimate Forward EPS to be $7.80, which would put TSM’s 3Q23 price at $120 (based on TTM PE of 15), or $156 (based on TTM PE of 20).TSM's current price is only 56% of its 52WH, and once 3nm hits the streets (1Q23), I suspect within FY23 it'll make new highs. Good Luck To All.$Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing(TSM)$
    • longlive100longlive100
      ·12-02 23:30
      $TSM the current administration is very bullish on bringing chip making to the U.S and with TSM making the best chips in the world right now and opening manufacturing in Arizona this should double in price in about a years time.Besides, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway bought a load of TSMC stock in November. The Oracle of Omaha is renowned for picking great securities to invest in. For that reason, I’m strongly considering investing in the world’s most valuable semiconductor company.$Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing(TSM)$
    • sadsamsadsam
      ·12-02 23:28
      The VAST majority of shorts here have been short since +275 , and have posted here throughout the plummeting of CVNA. Good luck collecting whatever "shekels" you can gather before the millstone around the neck of this stock takes it to where it belongs. :) NOTE: When "covering", it is just a matter of technical analysis and the 20 and 50 day moving average a long way off. :)$Carvana Co.(CVNA)$
    • predator007predator007
      ·12-02 23:26
      $CVNA green by EOD market just want to go up after this bear market... enormous amount of cash want to make money in the coming bull market! stock market is forward looking.Too many day traders. This is not for short term bounce, its a turnaround story. Price target is $25 by 2025.TTM revenue 14.5Billion with a MCAP of 1.5billion staring investors in the face!!! Insiders see the arbitrage and have bought shares at these levels!! LFG bulls!!$Carvana Co.(CVNA)$
    • 1moredrink1moredrink
      ·12-02 23:24
      $OKTA finally... From the $45 levels where some were able to load 100's of thousands of shares and wait quietly. Now @ $67 and looking a bit better but realize buying at highs and mid highs, etc. Thank you those people who shirt or sell out OKTA at low. I gif in at $52 and will hold long. The inflation had peak and things are about go get better abc better from now on.$Okta Inc.(OKTA)$
    • windy00windy00
      ·12-02 23:22
      $OKTA so this company isn't even profitable yet? The sector is getting hit hard but this pumps? didnt think I’d see a multi billmuon dollar company being pump and dumped, but this looks like the set up for large investors to get out before the market dumps.$OKTA I will took my profits and switched to META.$Okta Inc.(OKTA)$
      ·12-02 23:19
      $CRM Wouldn't be surprised if this retests the 136-137's from early November. If it does, will likely happen in the next 2 weeks. A lot of confidence in management disappeared after the Co-Ceo left and also growth is noticeably slowing going into next year. The company not giving forward '23 guidance when they normally do is very concerning$Salesforce.com(CRM)$
    • Liang0020Liang0020
      ·12-02 23:16
      $CRM Perspective: 3 days ago, this printed $160. Today $143. So the Co-CEO (who wasn’t really a CEO) departs, and this warrants a 10% haircut? Whatever. Thank your lucky stars people because this is a gift. Just under $10.6B in cash, FCF approaching $6/sh! Historically low valuations. $40 BILLION a yr in rev’s (2025). One of the lowest long-term debt to capital ratios in the entire industry. No brainer if you have more patience. $Salesforce.com(CRM)$
    • marketpremarketpre
      ·12-02 23:14
      MARA seems to have bottomed out for now, but we know it still depends on BTC performance which looks choppy to me. Spot exchanges continue to see lower Bitcoin availability, which is good, but Derivatives markets are in control and activity there is on the rise again. We really need the SEC approval of some Spot Bitcoin ETFs to help stabilize the Derivatives and grow the Bitcoin price. Bitcoin is still tied too tightly to equities markets, inflation, interest rates and the USD activity. This could all change with long overdue US legislation of the crypto market. I have written but received no feedback from any of the Senators who are proponents of the bills that have gone nowhere in Congress. Meanwhile, Bitcoin charts do indicate we may be at the bottom of this year+ downturn based on the past slides going back to 2012 but that's no guarantee unless we see some catalyst to take Bitcoin higher. Ripple winning its case (probably by settlement) vs the SEC is our best opportunity for the n
    • sunshineboysunshineboy
      ·12-02 23:13
      Good timing... Fortune Magazine just reported: "The chief of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Rostin Behnam, claimed Bitcoin is the only crypto asset that can be viewed as a commodity" (probably a result of Ethereum moving to proof-of-stake). The CFTC chief’s backtracking of his comments on ETH comes in the wake of heavy scrutiny of U.S regulators and accusations of corruption, with Republican lawmakers accusing the SEC chair of coordinating with FTX “to obtain regulatory monopoly.” Behnam goes on to say that the crypto industry desperately needs clear guidelines and regulations in the wake of the multibillion-dollar collapse of prominent crypto exchange platform FTX. According to Behnam, the worst course of action would be for regulators to do nothing, stating that “inaction is paralysis.” (Behman was scheduled to present to Congress today, Dec. 1.) Let's hope he gets encouragement to move forward and take control of Bitcoin as a commodity.
    • MillionaireTigerMillionaireTiger
      ·12-02 19:10

      3 Undervalued Travel Stocks with Rebound Potential: BKNG, DAL & DIS

      December is typically a strong month for stocks, with a strong holiday spirit and support for travel plans, especially for travel stocks. Do you have any travel plans for the upcoming vacation? It's been a rocky and muted recovery for many of the top travel and leisure stocks that fell at the hands of the pandemic. Here are some travel stocks continuing to separate themselves from the pack. Each play has considerable upside in 2023 as firms look to move past lingering headwinds and worsening macroeconomic conditions from higher interest rates.$Booking Holdings(BKNG)$ Evercore ISI’s Mark Mahaney views Booking as one of the best-positioned stocks to weather a slowdown in travel demand heading into 2023. Despite tumbling 14% this year, Booking offers value to its shareholders and a “battle-tested management” team. The company’s careful approach to its cost structure and continued position as the l
      3 Undervalued Travel Stocks with Rebound Potential: BKNG, DAL & DIS
    • TB_ResearchTB_Research
      ·12-02 17:39

      Tiger Stocks Highlights – Ulta Beauty. Okta

      The US markets welcomed Powell's more dovish signal of slowing the pace of rate hike to 50bps at the next FOMC meeting in December. The Fed will focus on holding rates higher for longer to quell inflation. Inflation while showed signs of coming off the peak is still higher than the Fed’s long run target of 2% and we think the restrictive stance is likely to stay the course. The yield curve continues its inversion trend, with the difference between the longer term 10-year and short term 2-year yields of around 72bps. The $NASDAQ(.IXIC)$  was up +1.7% while $S&P 500(.SPX)$  rose +1.2% during the week.Inflation in Europe is also starting to decelerate from the record high of 10.6% in October to 10.0% in November. Amid the continued double-digit inflation, the European Central Bank is further looking at potentially starting to unwind its balance sheet through
      Tiger Stocks Highlights – Ulta Beauty. Okta
    • BarbaraWillardBarbaraWillard
      ·12-02 16:56
      $DIS $Walt Disney(DIS)$ new ceo is the one who started all the woke nonsense. The problem is the same as Christian films/shows. When the purpose of the show/movie is the message the show/movie is terrible. He is also out of beloved franchises to purchase and ruin. Outcome looks terrible.
    • ClarenceNehemiahClarenceNehemiah
      ·12-02 16:53
      $DIS $Walt Disney(DIS)$ Disney's Bob Iger just said his company should return to political neutrality. Why….? Well, because parents stepped up and said that they aren’t going to support a business that pushes this deviant work.Where are all the people that were pushing this big bounce for the last 6 months? Amazin!
    • CaesarHicksCaesarHicks
      ·12-02 16:51
      $INTC $Intel(INTC)$ average is 25.40. this is a bargain even at this price! What I am really here for is their Quantum computing project! it appears they might have scalability without freezing a whole room up with super computers! impressive progress! size at these levels does not matter trust me a smaller than 1nm is not possible. atom size starts around 0.1 nm. the problem with this is leaking gates. no way to fix it! their chips have consistently outperformed AMD even with larger node size! we are at the end of silicon computing era. you can make more notes, more efficient once but not smaller! next gen is quantum! get google, intel and mrsft! AMD $AMD(AMD)$ abd Nvidia  $NVIDIA Corp(NVDA)$ are dinosors they dont know it yet!
    • MaudNellyMaudNelly
      ·12-02 16:47
      $INTC  $Intel(INTC)$ I'm not concerned about the nickels and dimes at this point. Every dividend get reinvested, until I get to 6500 shares. If the Street beats this back to 25 or below, I'll be right there with cash to get some more shares.
    • BerniceCarterBerniceCarter
      ·12-02 16:44
      $Anavex Life Sciences(AVXL)$ . Needs volume for short squeeze tomorrow… one can hope! 10M short could make for massive upswing into triple digits if we get it. Think $AMC $AMC Entertainment(AMC)$ and $GME $GameStop(GME)$ .. has to have volume though. That will be what holds us back… and I mean massive volume. 
    • BillyWilliamsBillyWilliams
      ·12-02 16:43
      $SoFi Technologies Inc.(SOFI)$ a reverse split is a cop out by a failed board and failed CEO . An analogy of a reverse split is a linebacker who is injured getting a little ice and is sent back on the field. The opposition knows that he is injured and they will go straight through him because they know that he is weak.A reverse split does not change a trend. A CEO and his team's performance is the only thing that changes a trend.Screw a reverse split. Keep performing and if you can't sell the company.
    • CaesarHicksCaesarHicks
      ·12-02 16:42
      $META $Meta Platforms, Inc.(META)$ is chilling on the volume shelf and AVWAP. Will it create a launch pad so thestock can fill the ap up to $125/126? I'll keep my eye on and see the sentiment of the overall market. If broken, there's a big gap down below.