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SG banks overreaction to SVB, good opportunity to accumulate!

Hong Kong Stock Market Shows Signs of Recovery Amidst Positive Economic Policies

Bank Stocks Still "A Buy" ? Moody Downgrades Banks.

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Wednesday Afternoon Market Recap

  • U.S. stock futures ticked up Wednesday night after investor fears of a widespread banking crisis led to a volatile trading session. Dow Jones Industrial Averagefutureswere up 70 points, or 0.2%. Meanwhile,S&P 500futuresrose 0.32% andNasdaq 100futuresclimbed 0.46%.During theregular trading session, theDowat one point fell 725 points before ending the day down by 280.83 points, or 0.87% lower. TheS&P 500dropped 0.7%, and the tech-heavyNasdaq Compositeedged 0.05% higher.
  • Credit Suisse shares rallied almost 7% aftera statement from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority and the Swiss National Bank said that the bank is currently well capitalized. The SNB added that it would provide additional liquidity if necessary.Shares tumbled 13.9% during Wednesdayโ€™s trading session after Credit Suisseโ€™s largest investor, Saudi National Bank, said that it could not provide the Swiss bank with any further financial assistance.
  • Adobe the software companyโ€™s shares were up 4.6% after itsfiscal first-quarter results topped Wall Street estimates. The company reported adjusted earnings of $3.80 per share and revenue of $4.66 billion. Analysts polled by Refinitiv had expected earnings of $3.68 per share and revenue of $4.62 billion.
  • Five Below shares of the value retailer were down more than 3% in extended trading, slipping on the companyโ€™s muted outlook for the first quarter. Five Below reported revenue that topped Wall Streetโ€™s expectations, according to Refinitiv, and earnings were in-line with estimates.

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