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Morgan Stanley Will Fall Today. US Market Too. Culprit?

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Wednesday Afternoon Market Recap

  • Citigroup โ€” Citigroup shares fell nearly 3%. The bank announced plans to spin off its Mexico business Banamex through an initial public offering after its efforts to find a buyer for the unit failed. $Citigroup(C)$

  • Netflix โ€” Shares rose 1.2%. On Tuesday, the company started notifying customers of its password-sharing rules in the U.S. Oppenheimer said the crackdown on account sharing should help the stock. $Netflix(NFLX)$

  • Tesla โ€” Shares of Elon Muskโ€™s electric vehicle maker dipped about 2% midday. Disappointing quarterly results from Chinese rival Xpeng sent EV stocks lower. Xpeng missed estimates on revenue and posted a wider loss than analysts expected, per Refinitiv. The company also forecast a decline in vehicle deliveries. $Tesla Motors(TSLA)$

  • Nvidiaโ€™s fiscal year 2024 first-quarter earnings Wednesday far outpaced Wall Streetโ€™s expectations. But as strong as the results were, the chipmakerโ€™s guidance for its current quarter was even more robust, driving shares to a new all-time high in afterhours trading. $NVIDIA Corp(NVDA)$


  • Gold price has shifted its auction below $1,960.00 amid sheer strength in the USD Index.Fed policymakers believe that further rate hike in June is โ€˜less certainโ€™ due to the banking fiasco.

  • Market sentiment remains dicey as US policymakers struggle to deliver debt limit extension deal.Top-tier rating agencies convey challenges to US rating status on default drama.S&P500 Futures portray corrective bounce from fortnight low, yields grind near the highest levels since March.

  • Silver price remains sidelined after refreshing two-month low.

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