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Looking Beyond The Debt Drama 🧐

Fitch Downgrades US? US Market Crash? Nvidia?

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Thursday Afternoon Market Recap

  • Gap— Shares surged 15% in the postmarket following the retailer's earnings report, which showed a major improvement in margins. Revenue was a hair below expectations, coming in at $3.28 billion, while analysts polled by Refinitiv anticipated $3.29 billion.

  • Nvidia— Nvidia surged 25% during midday trading the day after it issued a blockbuster earnings report. The rally brought the chipmaker’s market cap to just below the $1 trillion milestone, last around $942 million, according to FactSet.

  • Snowflake — The cloud computing stock tumbled nearly 17%. Late Wednesday, Snowflake reported second-quarter product revenue guidance below expectations, according to StreetAccount. It did, however, beat on the top and bottom lines in its first-quarter results.


  • Market sentiment turns dicey as US policymakers remain hopeful of avoiding default but are yet to offer the much-awaited deal.S&P500 Futures print mild losses, yields grind near multi-day high amid sluggish markets.

  • Gold price has dropped after struggling above $1,940.00 as the US Dollar Index is possessing immense strength.

  • The oil price has faced selling interest after a recovery move to near $72.00 as OPEC is not expected to cut its overall output ahead.

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