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S&P 500 Holding Well Awaiting Debt Crisis Impasse

JD.com Best Price Entry (12 May 23) after its earnings report

Will Tesla Rise In Weak US Market Filled With Bad News?

2.Here are the stocks mentioned by the above Tigers: $SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust(SPY)$ $JD.com(JD)$ $Western Alliance(WAL)$ $PacWest(PACW)$ $Zions(ZION)$ (Not investment advice)

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Top News Move the Market

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โ€‹Earnings calendar

โ€‹Global Markets Weekly Update

  • The major indexes ended mixed for the week as the flow of first-quarter earnings reports neared its end. The technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite outperformed, helped by a surge in Google parent Alphabet following the unveiling of its new artificial intelligence-based search platform.

  • The narrowly focused Dow Jones Industrial Average lagged, weighed down by Disney, following its report of a decline in subscribers to its streaming platform, Disney+. Financials stocks underperformed, dragged lower by ongoing concerns over the strains facing certain regional banks.

  • The weekโ€™s economic calendar was relatively light overall but included highly anticipated inflation data. On Wednesday, the S&P 500 Index jumped 1% in premarket trading after the Labor Department reported that headline consumer prices had risen 4.9% over the year ended in April, a tick below consensus expectations and the slowest pace in two years.


  • Market sentiment remains mildly positive as US President Biden, Treasury Official Adeyemo push back default fears.

  • Oil price is expected to find acceptance below $70.00 as US debt-ceiling issues are escalating.

  • Gold price remains pressured towards short-term key support after snapping two-week winning streak.Risks emanating from the United States debt ceiling expiry, banking woes underpin US Dollar rebound and weigh on XAU/USD price.

The week ahead:May 15-19

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